Website loading very slow lately

been getting 502 Bad Gateway and other strange issues and its happening on my pc and phone that is on a different network (data plan) so i know its not my internet or devices any idea whats going on?

I think it is a problem for everyone…


yeah i figured as much just not sure why, its been happening for a few days

Most likely some optimization disappeared during the outage… We used to have this problem a long while ago, then they fixed somehow.

We are investigating the resources on the server.
we have more optimizations to do. decisions to make.
Like I said in the other post I eventually plan to make a post about the changes we plan to make.


It is not only the 502 Bad… Problem, me’s getting logged out all the the Time. I really hope this will be solved soon, 'cause right now Ero is unusable

Cloudflare security has been having problems for awhile now. Lots of global locations have been re-routed:

Not sure if it’s related.

We don’t utilize cloudflare. I was considering using them to minimize botted accounts but we don’t actually have a lot of bot accounts that we can tell and the server host already uses DDOS protection on the network layer.

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