What About a Funscript Database

What I’m Talking About

I think it would be incredibly helpful to have something akin to a stripped down FapTap or ScriptAxis. A database that simply hosts meta data about a particular video that has been scripted, along with a link to the eroscript post. The meta data could include things like the studio, duration, performers, speed, and various tags. An clear image of something that embodies what I would want is the VR scripts list, Some quick background so you can understand where I’m coming from, usually I download a lot of scenes I enjoy and then sometimes go look and see if a funscript exists for them.

Why Have Something Like This

I think that the post for ScriptAxis lays out a great list of potential use-cases for this:

1.Find scripts that are up your alley without having to browse through hundreds of forum topics
2.Keep up-to-date with the most recent scripts
3.Find hidden gems and great older scripts that have been buried on EroScripts

ScriptAxis was left behind for a myriad of reasons, one of which being that FapTap accomplished the goals of the creator. This might be true that the creation of FapTap left dafucilis satisfied, but it really only fulfills a third of of the previously stated use-cases.

Firstly, it is true that FapTap allows users to keep up-to-date with the most recent scripts easily, if there is a new post of eroscripts, it usually will be on FapTap very soon. However, while FapTap allows for you to search for scripts without the extra bloat of a ton of forum posts, their system is still not ideal. FapTap will only have a script up in the video is publicly available on a streaming site such as SpankBang or Pornhub. This necessarily excludes any content that is paid, hard to access, etc.

As a brief example, lets say I want to go through and download scripts for scenes by the studio “BaDoink” or “Swallobay” searching on FapTap is pretty useless, as these videos are paywalled. On eroscripts it can be a bit better, if more tedious. I search in the script categories for the name of the studio, and if I’m lucky a script collection might be created for the studio as with Swallow Salon. But as for BaDoink, you will have to trudge through the mud of a thousand forum posts.

The solution

As mentioned previously, a very basic spreadsheet seems to do the job pretty well. I can download the spreadsheet and easily filter out just the studios/performers I want and quickly bookmark the eroscript pages for later. A very nice solution has been posted a few times by user mADsCRIPTS that is their own personal site which is kind of a continuation of ScriptAxis.


I know nothing I’ve talked about here is quite simple, but it feels like something ought to be done to make finding scripts easier. Having some sort of sortable database would certainly go a long way in improving QoL. If you have some sort of tool that scrapes all of eroscripts, filters script posts appropriately and has the capability of tagging posts as well, I’d love to hear about it. Or for that matter anything that approaches a solution to the things I’ve mentioned here.

And as an aside, I’m a long time user of the Stash app and its database that stores data on tons of scenes and is easily accessible for scraping through the API. In an ideal world, some sort of implementation of scripts into the stash database would be perfect. Using the API you could easily view what scenes have scripts, maybe some info on the scripts, and have them all neatly tied up in a database.


It’s not impossible, in fact it would be quite easy to set up a website and/or API. It would take a pretty long time to set up but doable. I made the List of Paid VR Scripts spreadsheet and had to fill it in from day 1 of this forum but it’s not perfect it only lists scripts that have their own forum thread on this website. I had to write several Python scripts to help me so that I didn’t have to open each thread and enter all the information manually. I still had to enter probably 50% of the information manually, and had to check each to make sure the script got the correct information in the right format.

With the background information out of the way, I will say I can use the same method to record every script that has been posted on this website. It would take much longer because there is no agreed on thread title format but it can be done. There’s also the hundreds of scripts from other forums either posted on here or not, obviously it would be impossible to get everything. So like Stash there will have to be some level of user submission which I’m sure has a lot of risks as well.

Of course there’s also hosting costs and maintenance/moderation to consider. Like I said doable but there’s a lot of hoops to go through.

Edit: Looking at the post from @mADsCRIPTS you referred to, that is exactly what you want. It just has to be made public, which I’m sure they considered but decided against. I’m sure making that public and maintaining it would require more than one person to work on.

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Till 12.08.2022 I collected 5334 IRL scripts (no anime, cgi, music stuff etc.) in a database. The workload was insane, the data very bad and it is still not the best.

Just for example: 2276 different performer, 443 different publisher, 17991 set tags :exploding_head:

I don’t know how to manage this on a volunteer base.


Have you considered a patreon dedicated to just the website/database?

I’ve been working on a cross between StashApp + Hydrus on and off for the last year or so. I found StashApp doesn’t work great for shorter form content, or clips/pmv; so the UX is more towards focusing in on content via tags. During my development I realized it would be fairly straightforward to allow for the fileHash + tags pairs to be uploaded to a centralized DB and distributed the same way StashApp works, or some sort of P2P syncing similar to a torrent, but I never got around to it as I’m the only user of the app (so far).

Along with file+tag pairs, I’ve added basic support for file+file pairs which allows one or more files to be associated together. I’ve got a similar version of the funscript “detector” that I’m using in my tcode player, which means I can tag a video and a funscript as related, and then be able to trigger that funscript when the video plays.

If there’s more interest in what I’ve put together I’d be happy to release a very rough version to get feedback on, and hopefully collaborative tagging would make the experience easier.

The issue that I had with ScriptAxis (and I assume the same issue that mADsCRIPTS has) is that this data entry is just really, really tedious and time-consuming.
And the challenge of community-sourcing it is that the data inherently becomes very messy when you do that (duplicate scripts, missing / incorrect tags, Swallow Bay and SwallowBay and swallow-bay and Swalow Bay and…), which defeats the whole point of having a database in the first place.

My grand dream with ScriptAxis was to effectively replace the ‘scripts’ part of EroScripts, to make the forum a place for discussion, and make ScriptAxis the place where the actual scripts live, with lots of useful sorting+filtering, discoverability, public API access, etc.

But of course, there are a bunch of massive challenges inherent to doing that (both from a community standpoint, and from a technical standpoint), so it never really grew beyond the “defucilis has to spend over an hour a day manually entering every script that got posted”, and eventually I got sick of it haha.
Plus I got extremely busy with work (and then later, burned out from being extremely busy with work) so I lost all my momentum.


I think that’s why there are votes on StashDB. If someone makes an edit he must have a certain number of votes from the community so that it is allowed and added. I think you have to have the right to vote because I can’t do that. I haven’t done that myself yet so I don’t know if it’s 100% true what I’m writing here. This is how it looks like:

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Yeah how it works on Stashdb is after you submit 10 edits that are approved you can then vote on submissions, makes it so new people learn how submissions work and then they are allowed to go through and decide different things.

Yeah the community basis for a database will make things messy, and very messy in the beginning. It might be possible using madscripts data as a basis for things to be built upon that would help prevent a really rough start to formatting etc. But like you said it would still quite tedious to do.

My comparison to Stash and mentioning a scraper is really the motivation for why I feel a change to scripts here would be great. Unlike stashdb where scenes are everywhere on different sites we really only have funscripts here, its just not accessible nor formatted correctly. That’s why I thought of something like this and seeing how the manually added stuff like ScriptAxis were just tedious and ultimately not worth it kinda confines this idea to the junk pile until some form of automation is added to the equation.

What do you think about something like what the Handy team did with IVDB

I mean that’s just another manually-made database. The difference is that for IVDB, a company is paying to maintain the database since it’s specifically SweetTech scripts that are being included.

@yikesr An automated solution is definitely the way to go, and I’ve done a few experiments along those lines, but it has similar issues to community-sourced data in that it can quite easily become quite messy unless you have someone manually checking what the automated tool outputs (so it becomes more of a time-saving thing as opposed to a fully automated cataloguing system…I do want to play around more with it though)

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Yeah this is an issue, but other user-oriented rule-based platforms don’t seem to have much of an issue. Just universalize tag formatting and if there are still issues you make “synonym” tags that group certain tags together. At least that’s how I’ve seen it managed.

Then you simply just enforce the rules per upload - which means each upload has to be checked by a team of mods/admins/volunteers + allow every user the ability to report bad tagging and/or null tagging and enforce the tagging rule.

It’s a lot of work, but it isn’t too bad once it gets rolling. Updating a backlog is more tedious than carrying an establish tag system forward

and if @mADsCRIPTS already has his tags started, which I’ve seen and commend him heavily on, subsidize it in some way via EroScript Patrons and/or volunteer programs.