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ScriptAxis - a searchable, sortable, filterable funscript directory

:milky_way: ScriptAxis is Live!

:brain: Concept

ScriptAxis is an open-source, free-to-use website that makes it easy to browse scripts that have been created by the community. It features a powerful system of advanced filters, search functions and preview image galleries

Main use-cases:

  • Find scripts that are up your alley without having to browse through hundreds of forum topics
  • Keep up-to-date with the most recent scripts
  • Find hidden gems and great older scripts that have been buried on EroScripts / RTS

:rainbow: Features

  • Hundreds of scripts lovingly added manually by me
  • Preview images for all scripts for easy browsing
  • Search scripts by title
  • Powerful filters - filter by category, include any number of tags, exclude any number of tags, filter by min/max duration, filter by talent, studio, ensure scripts have a streaming link, and more to come!
  • Save your favorite sets of filters for quick revisiting later
  • Sort scripts by popularity, duration or release date
  • Embedded video players for a number of popular streaming sites for quick video preview

:stars: Planned Features:

  • Anyone can add scripts
  • Funscript file hosting, metadata and playback (see discussions in this thread to see how I’m going about making sure that this feature isn’t abused and ensures creators retain control over their scripts)
  • Community-tagging of scripts
  • Image galleries per-script, for more-than-one preview image
  • Optional donation integration for creators
  • Potential EroScripts account integration

:memo: Original Post


The Problem

The huge number of scripts available in this incredible community is starting to present a few problems:

  • There are too many to choose by script names alone
  • The EroScripts site layout is optimized for discussion, not content-consumption
  • EroScripts doesn’t have a monopoly on all scripts, so people that don’t know about other forums (or don’t know about EroScripts) just miss out on part of what people have created
  • Forum-style websites are laid out to emphasize recent discussion, so old scripts get buried by new scripts and there’s not much to indicate popularity, quality or script content without actually opening the forum post

The Solution

So I’ve been thinking about making a website where it’s easier to browse the free and paid scripts created by members of this community (and perhaps others). Here’s a mockup!

(Yes, I stole PornHub’s UI design, I’m a programmer not a UI designer what can I say?)

My initial thought was just that each script would include a preview image, tags, categories, etc, and a link to the relevant EroScripts / RealTouchScripts / etc. page, so that my site would just be a nicer way to browse through what people have created.

However thinking about it a little more, it would really be better to host the .funscript files directly:

  • It makes everything smoother and simpler from a user perspective
  • If the forum post should be deleted, or if the forum itself (touch wood) should vanish, all the scripts aren’t lost forever - this is already a problem with older RealTouchScripts forum posts, and I expect in the near future RealTouchScripts may go away altogether, taking thousands of scripts with it
  • It presents the possibility in the future of making the site work as a player, allowing people to connect their toy to the site and watch script-synchronized videos directly in their browser.

Obviously, I can imagine some script creators might take issue with people taking their scripts and re-uploading them on a separate website that they don’t have any control over. So I wanted to make this post and ask script creators: What do you think about this idea, what could I do to make it better for you?

The Plan

I’ve had some thoughts about how I’d go about it to make the whole thing as fair as possible:

  • Anyone can upload any script, so long as they provide a link to where they found it from and credit the creator
    • Otherwise it’ll take forever to spread the word about the site and so it’ll have no content)
  • There won’t be any ads or monetization on the site - I consider paying the hosting fees to be my donation to the community, similar to how so many people donate tens or hundreds of hours of their time making free scripts for us!
  • Paid scripts will not be stored on the site, and I’ll actively moderate the site to ensure that any that are posted are taken down
  • I’ll include a ‘report script’ button so that if for any reason anyone thinks that a script should be taken down, they can notify me

I’m super keen to have a discussion about all of this. If it turns out that there’s no way of adding .funscript file downloads without upsetting a bunch of people, I’ll just make it links-only. Most of what I’m going to be building works whether the site hosts funscript files or not, so I’m going to go ahead and build it either way. But in general I’m keen to get script creators involved in the design process to make sure that I can do a good job of helping people discover great scripts!


If I am not mistaken, you are programmer guy also looking to create a handy VAM plugin once the FW allows it. Its double thumbs up for you, one for the website idea above.

Yeah I have a lot of plans for once the Handy firmware allows realtime control with WebSockets :smiley:


I for myself like the idea. And I wouldn’t mind, if somebody else would upload a script I have created. I remember when I started with the whole script stuff. It was so hard to find all the scripts and it took forever. It was on the old forum and had the worst layout I’ve seen. So I think a side like this could attract new users and make the first dive into the scripts way easier.

How about you would also let script creators get an extra “creator account” on the side? So they can also upload their scripts by themselves. Let them add a little description and the forum link. On this way, every creator can also decide, if they want to upload the funscript directly or if they want to link the forum topic.

Would you embed the videos on your side? Is it possible to embed the videos from PH? Most videos are from PH anyway. If so, you could let the creators embed the videos as well (I am assuming it’s not too complicated).

If too many creators have a problem with other people uploading their script, you could just allow to let the creators upload on your side via the creator account.

This would be so good and make things so much easier. I hope this will be possible for the (near) future.

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Amazing idea. Will it also be mobile friendly?

You make a bunch of really good points.

In the very early stages (i.e. over the next few weeks) I don’t think I’m going to integrate any user-account system - initially while testing I’ll be the only one adding scripts, I’ll just add everything that gets posted to EroScripts or RealTouchScripts. But I consider it a pretty high priority to allow script creators to make an account and add their scripts directly. I need to do a little more thinking as to how exactly that should work on a site where anyone can post anything…

As for video embeds - that kind of ties into making the site a player. If creators were comfortable uploading their .funscripts to the site directly, then yeah I could embed the PornHub player and you would be able to synchronize your Handy to the video without leaving the site. Initially I wouldn’t let people actually upload video, since that could get me in trouble with copyright. I imagine I could set up some kind of terms of service and DMCA-takedown policy, but that sounds like a headache that I don’t want to worry about right now!

And @hamps87 - yeah I’ll definitely make it mobile friendly!


For the curious, the work-in-progress site is now live at :smiley:

(please don’t add any scripts if you do decide to visit - I haven’t hidden the ‘Add Script’ button yet. Anything you do add I’ll have to delete since there are a few requirements that aren’t enforced by the form)


This shows a remarkable amount of common sense. Even if you were a UI designer, would you really be able to do a better job than the whole team of experts and analysts at Pornhub?

It seems like a good idea to me. I’d be wary about embedding a video player though - that sounds like a whole load of technical complication and potential legal issues that you could do without! At least until the site is up and running well.

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I dont mind to upload my scripts to another database. It probably saves me time as you dont have to write a collection topic to keep track of everything you have done.

You could analyse the metadata tag of a funscript file to fill out necessary fields. A few of our software tools already support it and a few members are already using it.

Dont get me wrong - the forum is still necessary. It’s just not the easiest way to search something in a forum even with the tags.

One idea from my side:
Please add a heatmap below the images to each entry.


I had the same idea month ago, so I started to collect all IRL scripts in a spread sheet with a database similar structure. Maybe I can help you with something like design, data or anything else.

From the script creator view… The whole for-free-community doesn’t work very well at the moment. The script number of IRL scripts are low. A handful of people make up the whole community, thousands of other don’t even give you a like, just download all stuff they get. I am some kind of frustrated about that.

I am not sure if it would be okay for me if my script files are stored on a website, where I don’t have access to delete it if I like too. I think all scriptors should upload their scripts by themselfs after sitelaunch. A user interface isn’t that hard to implement.


Logo suggestion, I had some creative minutes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think if it was just embedding the player from external sites it would be easy enough - technically speaking it would just mean that whoever was adding the script would need to copy and paste the embed link from the streaming site in question. Legally speaking it’s no problem either since it’s just an embed, my site wouldn’t actually be hosting any files or serving the content.

Yeah being able to analyze funscripts to extract things like script length and script ‘difficulty’ is another reason it would be great to have the actual files hosted on the site. Generating heatmaps from scripts would be pretty easy as well, so that script pages could give an indication of what’s going on in the script, and even warn if the script contains sections that are too fast for certain toys.

Woah that’s an amazing dataset! What format is the data in? I could write a little app to automatically generate script entries for everything you’ve gathered, which would be a total gamechanger!! I was kind of dreading spending like a hundred hours going through and adding thousands of scripts by hand, which obviously would still need to be done, but it looks like you’ve already got like a 6-month headstart. :astonished:

Yeah you make a good point about the lack of money in the community right now. I think perhaps one additional benefit of creating ScriptAxis as a dedicated place where the scripts themselves are, and therefore making EroScripts more optimized for discussion and community, is that it opens up new ways for script creators to benefit financially from creating scripts.

This could be through sharing ad revenue with creators based on the performance of their scripts, or through some kind of ‘community supporter’ tier like YouTube Premium where a monthly subscription fee is shared to creators in place of ad revenue. Or something else…or nothing! I’m not sure yet!

I think it’s definitely important for creators to be able to retain control of their scripts. I couldn’t sleep last night for some reason, so I lay in bed for ages thinking about how to manage script ownership, and I think I’ve come up with a solution

I’d like to know everyone’s thoughts on this:

  1. There are two kinds of accounts - Standard accounts, and Verified accounts. Only Verified accounts can add .funscript files to script pages when they create them

  2. Standard users can instead create Linked script pages, which are script pages similar to how they currently exist on the site: no actual .funscript file embedded, simply a link to an external location where a .funscript file can be found, and some metadata to aid searching / browsing / discoverability

  3. A user account can apply to become Verified in two ways - submitting a new script with a .funscript attached, or by Claiming an existing linked script page by submitting a .funscript file. In both cases, the application goes under review by me (or later, a verification/moderation team). If approved, the user is now Verified, and the new script page goes live (or ownership of the page is transferred from the Standard account that created it, to the newly Verified account, notifying that original user)

  4. Once Verified, a user can freely Claim other Linked Script pages by adding .funscript files to them - so that when a scripter is referred to the site after having a bunch of their scripts linked to by standard accounts, they can go ahead and claim all their scripts and actually upload the .funscripts

  5. Users can Report scripts for violations - offensive content, broken links, low-effort content, etc. Most importantly, users can Report script pages when the page has been Claimed by a creator who didn’t actually create the Script (i.e. someone who is intentionally abusing the Claim system). In each cases, the Reports are added to a moderation queue that the moderation team can look at. If they find that an abuse has occurred, they can make whatever change is necessary to fix the problem (edit broken links, remove offensive content, remove low-effort pages, or change page ownership)

What do you think of this system?
  • I’m a script creator and I like it
  • I’m a script creator and it needs modifications
  • I’m a script creator and I hate it
  • I’m a script user and I like it
  • I’m a script user and it needs modifications
  • I’m a script user and I hate it

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P.S. Oh I forgot to say, that logo is really cool @mADsCRIPTS! I might take the idea and play with it in Photoshop a little though hehe. Thanks!!


I like what I am hearing, I think we need to start pushing hard at donations.
If we can somehow demonstrate to users how much time and effort goes into making the scripts like a sign up tutorial or something. That would help in having people show more appreciation. <3 and $.
The content creators go under appreciated way too much and we as users need to get better at showing our appreciation. <3 and $
I think that we can make a move this direction and it will always need modification (To a Point).
Make sure a donate button is on every page that has a script me thinks.


Hey @defucilis - just had a read through - this is an interesting idea and potentially looks actually pretty great - its reminding me of Virt-a-mates current hub system of organization: Virt-A-Mate Hub

The idea is great for a nice thumbnailed organized site for scripted content alone, and I like and appreciate that you are considering scripters rights and concerns both paid and free, and I can see this possibly being a nice place to visit if all things are properly considered, although Im not feeling too fond of needing yet another place to post and maybe others may feel the same

Im not sure about how embedded players work but I would definitely recommend straying away from hosting public video content directly uploaded on the site just for site longevity and the possibilities of drawing negative attention being to ES as things can go south and video sites go down all the time because of that so thats something to look into to be safe.

If the reason for another site is worry about what happens to the site if the site or site/owner is gone, then what would be the difference if this new site (yourself) suddenly disappears as well? Wouldn’t it be the same situation as RTS where there is literally just 1 person to contact?
I’m not a fan of a site held by one person or 1 mode of contact in case of issues with posts personally as I’ve had poor experience in the past with waiting or being ignored with messages from site owners in the past (thankfully not an issue here at ES, with the several mods and teamleaders involved here)

The good thing about ES is its moderation team - not sure if thats possible or a plan with your site in mind, or if its at least possible to automatically make posts with more than 1 flag offline for review if several verified members report it together?

Sounds like you’ve thought alot about it though, and to be clear I think its potentially a great idea, even moreso because of your updated points - way to think that through :+1:


Yeah I’ve been thinking about Virt-A-Mate quite a bit lately, not just from the way that they share content, but in the way that the Virt-A-Mate community seems to have a really great culture where creators are rewarded financially for their time investment. I think Patreon could totally work for scripting too, but I think it might be very difficult to make that cultural transition happen in an environment where everything has been free for so long already. @M0SAIC makes a really good point that I don’t think people understand how long it takes to create high-quality scripts.

Definitely super-aware of adding another place to post to the pile of places to post. I can imagine that if I can offer a good enough feature set for script creators, then ScriptAxis could be the ‘default’ place, and other posts could just be links to the ScriptAxis page - especially if the automatic embed metadata for script pages was good. I think in the meantime allowing random people to post links to creators’ scripts will hopefully reduce this problem a little.

As for hosting videos - I definitely agree. I don’t think I ever want to get into that whole quagmire, partially for technical reasons (the hosting infrastructure needs to be way more serious if I want to serve video content), but mainly because I just don’t want to have to worry about DMCA takedown and getting involved in the whole messy business of being the middleman in the cat-and-mouse game content creators play with people who post that content illegally.

As for the site being overly dependent on me - yes I definitely agree that it’s a huge problem. I do like to think about sites like, where Oliver has been maintaining the site and posting almost daily content more or less by himself successfully for over a decade - it’s definitely possible. However, obviously to people who aren’t me, there’s no guarantee that I won’t get hit by a bus, get a demanding job, discover that I’m actually a devout mormon, or otherwise just vanish. I would definitely look to expand the moderation / review / development team if the site did end up getting traction. It’s worth pointing out that the site’s code is open-sourced on GitHub, and short of me suddenly dying in a tragic accident, if I did need to disappear I’d hand over all the relevant accounts and whatnot to someone able and willing to take over after me.

Oh and I definitely like the idea of automatically disabling posts with more than one Report. It could even be that a single Report is sufficient to disable .funscript downloads, and if a user account makes too many Reports that result in no action, they have the Report function disabled or suspended (to prevent abuse)…


Site is looking great, but some more info should be added to the details page for a chart, something like this.

Agreed, here’s the site as it is right now (this version isn’t live yet)

Tomorrow I’m going to try extracting duration, ‘intensity’ and heatmaps out of funscript files. For the rest of today, I plan on integrating search, sorting and filtering. :smiley:


Maybe that helps you…

In HandyControl the intensity (INT) is calculated as follows.

Slope = HC.GetValueInRange(1 / (2 * (t1 - t2) / 1000), 0, 20)
t1 and t2 are two following timestamps in ms (t1>t2).
GetValueInRange limits the result of Slope to 0-20
Faster strokes have a higher slope.

dt=t1 - t2
dt(500ms) = 1,0 This is the base value for a single stroke per second.
dt(200ms) = 2,5
dt(100ms) = 5,0

Intensity = Slope * Math.Abs(p1 - p2)
Slope * absolute stroke lenght difference from two positions (0-100)
A full 100% stroke counts double as a 50% stroke.

You do this for every point in the script and sum up the intensity.

Then get the average intensity with the position or timestamp count.
AvgIntensity = Intensity / Count

A CockHero script with only 0 to 100 strokes with 1SPS (up 500ms + down 500ms) result in INT=100
A CockHero script with only 0 to 100 strokes with 2SPS (up 250ms + down 250ms) result in INT=200

The heatmap is created with the intensity value later. I split the script in chunks and calculate the average intensity of a chunk. This is then mapped to a color and blend with the next chunk color.

The heapmap colors of ScriptPlayer are used to show the limits of Launch. I dont think you should use that colors as other toys can move faster.

Either provide a dynamic heatmap generation where the user can set his own limits so for example violet means that his toy cant handle it or use a generic color map. If the user has a launch then he can go to orange. If he has Handy he can also play red sections. For OSR he can play violet sections…

Endurance_modified.funscript (38.6 KB)


Having a database website linking to the scripts is a great idea because forums suck to brows through older older ones, but I don’t make scripts (I’ve tried!) and if anyone is going to have objections it would be them.

Thinking of building an OSR2 and was wondering there was a easier way to search for scripts specifically made for it, there is a tag on the forums but only contains a few scripts.

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Would there be a way to log in in your side with the eroscript-account? Would be easy to get verified and to be a official creator. And there wouldn’t be much need to do all of these steps.