What are your favorite scripting methods and what keeps you from burning out?

I’m extremely burnt out on doing things frame by frame, especially with all of the extra axes available now. It takes several hours just do a 10-13 minute video. I’ve tried doing on the fly, but I have to touch up so much stuff afterwards, and I never got better at it. I’ve tried the joystick method, controller, and a mouse.

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I using a launch so it’s not the most accurate devise. So I’m using a mix between frame by frame and auto top/bottom injection with the video playing un 0.30, 0.45. It’s not accurate but it’s ok. A video of 10 minutes is done in something lile 45, 50 minutes

Thank you very much for these. I’ll look at them. I get instantly burnt out just from thinking about a doing a script. But, no one else is making the scripts I want, so I have to. Today was the first time in a a couple months that I even attempted scripting.

If I’m doing a long video I’ll do chunks of it at a time. In one of the threads linked by Husky I stated it takes me about an hour to do 5 minutes of video. So I’ll do an hour or two of scripting and then go do something else rather than doing a marathon 4-5 hour session. I also just generally script fewer videos than I used to (though some of this is just due to an overall lack of free time)
I’ve noticed that I said basically the exact same thing as in the other thread, lol. Another way I’ll divide it up is by position (OK - now I’ll finish the BJ and take a break, finish the doggy and take a break, etc.). And like Galbine - I’ll usually have something going on in the background (often some music and a beer). Scripting is kind of time to chill for me.

I often put a youtube video of people talking about sports or news.
I split my screen in two on one side JFS and on the other the youtube video. When I’m tired I take a break for a few minutes by focusing on the video.When I feel that I don’t want to script. If I keep scripting the script will not be good in the end.
And especially when I feel that I’m close to burn out I stop for a few days or weeks.

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