What are your thoughts on PMVs/faphero/HMV?

Overall I never really got into them before the handy, but now, I actually really enjoy them. People see them as “low effort” scripting but idk. What are your thoughts on these types of videos with/without usage with a stroker?

The effort that goes into them depends on the scripter. And effort does not necessarily mean lower quality; it depends on what the scripter’s goal is. I do prefer action-based over audio-based PMVs which require at least as much effort as a normal video (I would imagine). Some scripter’s can really bring out a lot of nuance with an audio-based script as well. It doesn’t always have to be a “0-100” to the beat.

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HMV/FH: I’m super picky with what I like to watch. Most are pixelated or I don’t care for most of the amination styles so I don’t even consider watching 95% of these.

PMV/CH: These are hit or miss for me. I don’t care for ones with super quickcuts or some of the extreme gooning hypno visuals (but there are some exceptions). I generally prefer music-based scripts for these or sometimes a hybrid of music and movement-based scripts. Action-based scripts are ok if the cuts are longer in duration. For CH videos I definitely prefer full beats over half beat ones because a 3-beat pattern is common and the half beat of these feels lacking.

I just enjoy making them and figuring out how to make it interesting for the user without it just being 0 or 100.

I totally agree with this for audio-based scripts. The same beat pettern can feel totally different when using different ranges.

i’m part of those people who think it’s low effort.
i don’t mind them, but i don’t watch them either.
the patterns extremely rarely match the actual action on screen, i’ve seen too many filling patterns, with not much real effort behind it.
a lot of patterns seem untested judging by their difficulty.

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I’ve tried the ones that do mix audio + action scripts and when those are timed right, they’re pretty good.

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Enjoy the HMVs for the visuals cause I’m not a fan of the stories in the hentais they are based on. PMV don’t like them at all, a lot of shots I’m not a fan of and they usually just end with a compilation of guys jerking themselves off for a couple of minutes

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prefer action scripts about 90% of the time

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I didn’t give them a lot of thought before, some of them were good some of them were bad, i do enjoy them more with funscripts, but overall i don’t really like fast overloaded ones, my brain can really process and enjoy porn (and specially art) at high speeds.

On the scripting part i do like the kind of hmv’s/ fap heroes that have good action based movements following the rythm or a good combo of rythm and action based movements.

Even though I have a lot of fun creating them, I rarely consume them myself which is due to so many potential turn offs for me. The biggest being music choice. I’m super picky with music - not much I really consider arousing or enriching compared to regular porn/hentai.
Though in rare cases where I give a pmv/hmv a try and it actually clicks with me on all levels it can be truly amazing - that is if the script is good as well (which is another hurdle).
Overall though I’d say it’s action+music sync>action>music for me.
Gamification and/or a narrative can really add to it as well.

I think the Paizuri Heaven series I saw on here actually does it pretty well. They seem to sync the movement really well to the beat and the challenges presented

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The quick-cut PMVs make trying to script action scripts into a nightmare. Just trying to make all the different action sequences match up is just something I have no talent for and most other ones I’ve tried from other users have felt disjointed, at least in my experience. I just feel like an action script needs to have relatively long cuts to be able to generate a good script.

I really good music-based script synced to the beat with long enough patterns so it feels coherent can really transcend the base PMV and enhance the experience. I feel like those kind of style PMV are a little out of vogue from when I joined the forum initially, instead moving to action scripts or very complicated, high action count music-scripts, but I obviously haven’t actually looked into it statistically. I try to make those kinds of scripts for PMVs I like to the extent that my ability will let me, but sometimes staring at a PMV scripting causes the end result to be like trying to tickle yourself. Just doesn’t always hit like you think after you burn yourself out on it.


Somehow I’ve started to enjoy the music PMVs as much as the action ones, as I can just zone out and focus on the music, go do something else in the background even.

I would say the music+action ones are probably better as people said. Sometimes the range or lack of range can make it too hard to really enjoy - gotta tweak scripts a lot.

Perhaps not entirely in line with the original question, but, I thank exploring audio based scripts for teaching me the WILD difference that a different sleeve or onahole can make.

Some scripts are unusable (IMO) with one sleeve, but are absolute knockouts with another.