What computer language should I learn to understand this stuff?

Totally lost I’m totally lost throughout all the jargon on this site. Where should I go to understand basics of this stuff other than what’s listed on the site? What is the name of the language that’s conducted in and other than is there a specific type of it?

For application usage there is no need to understand any computer language.
You only need to know a few things:

Funscript makes your machine go bepo bepo
Scriptplayer is needed to use mentioned funscript and play a video

For certain Machines you sometimes need intiface

If you are talking about creating funscripts then look in the how-to section. There are both video and written guides there.

If you talk about software development then the question is much more complex.

Some language examples:

  • OFS is coded in C++
  • Scripts/extensions used in OFS is coded in Lua.
  • There are several apps written in Microsoft .NET C# e.g., ScriptPlayer
  • Motion Tracking Funscript Generator is written in Python I think.
  • Some software is not open source e.g., JoyFunScripter
  • Mobile apps for Android are written in C# or Java usually. Unsure what iPhone apps are using, C# should work and I think the Apple preference is Swift (the successor to Objective-C).
  • Then you have the websites people have been developing, which are written in many languages. All should be based on HTML and CSS though and Javascript is a common companion to that.

I’m pretty sure there are more, but you ask a very broad question.

However, if you learn a general purpose language like C# then you will understand basic programming as well.


Oh I’m much more ignorant than that my friend. I don’t know a URL from an HTML and exe file from a txt file. I have all of those softwares you just spoke about downloaded on my cell phone I’ve tried to follow all the directions to get them to work and 3 days later I am still stumped.

Thank you, that’s exactly the information that I needed. Is there someone known on the site that sells their services helping dummies with set up that you could refer me to ?

Most software you download here are for use with PC and/or VR headsets and don’t work on a phone.

Go to the how-to category and start there. There are guides there on how to setup different apps and devices for use with a phone.

I appreciate it ty!

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