What do you watch with your toy, 2D, VR or both?

you can either watch porn like what ur doing, or feel like ur in the porn, which is the entire point of vr. i dont find getting toy into position before playing video difficult and what ever extra few steps/comfort sacrifice is well worth it and once u have a vr headset and experience vrporn, u could like many have a hard time going back to a screen. Ill bet most people who voted mainly 2d, dont have a vr headset. As far as price, the best bang for your buck headsets are for sure quest 2 or pico4.


Don’t forget that the majority use either VR or a combo of VR and 2D according to the poll (55-60%). I also believe that VR don’t have as many niches as 2D. There aren’t much CH, PMV, animated/CGI, fetish etc. produced in VR as in 2D. The numbers might have been different between VR and VR/2D otherwise.

The fact that there are so much content available in 2D vs VR also makes it more difficult to create scripts for 2D, especially for videos not available on the “free content sites”. The script creator doing it for free want as many as possible to be able to experience the script and commercial scripters want as many as possible to be able to buy it when the buyer must have the video in the first place. VR has a more limited source of videos making it easier to script something that people has access to. At least that’s my theory.

It can also be that people in VR are more prone to look outside the box. I remember that when I bought my first stroker toy with sync capabilities (Launch) I got introduced to the crappy vendor sync system (Lovesense or whatever it was called). I just stumbled on the old RTS site (the predecessor to ES for those not familiar with RTS) by accident and a whole new world opened up.

If you look at The Handy site, Eroscripts is not even mentioned in the community section. I remember that RTS was listed earlier and I did send the site owners a comment that ES had replaced the closed RTS site, but the result was that RTS was delisted and ES isn’t even mentioned anymore. Since VR sites (compared to 2D sites) are more prone to go into collaboration with vendors like The Handy it’s quite understandable that 2D won’t get as much focus as VR when it comes to scripts.

Thank you for your answers.

  • jojo321, I have no doubt that the experience must be intense, I would like to have the opportunity to test at least once :slight_smile:
    But I don’t know, being locked in the VR headset and no longer seeing what’s going on around the room…
    For quest2 or pico4 we are on a budget of 500!!

  • sentinel, very good explanation, I understand some points better.

I completely agree on The Handy site, it is not normal that it does not make the link with EroScript. Here is a real gold mine.
Especially since they are far from successful in the world of porn video. At the very beginning I didn’t know EroScript, I was frustrated because on their site the quantity of videos available is ridiculous, and the quality not great, many of their videos finish before the end!!
After all the links they offer are paying sites where you have to subscribe.
For almost two years that I have known Eroscript I have been going very regularly, almost every day, I have made myself a substantial library and I have not returned to their site anymore…
Afterwards, of course, you have to sort, between manga/hantai/animation (so I still don’t understand how you can get excited and get to the end by watching a cartoon), paid scripts, VR scripts (which I have to eliminate automatically) but we are sure to find what we are looking for, there is something for everyone.
EroScript should be their main partner!!
No other site offers so many scripts with so much diversity and so many choices.

Maybe that’s the reason why they don’t link to ES :wink: I assume they get some revenue from the sites that they redirected traffic to when the visitor become a member.

But that’s the point. You want to get into the scene without the distraction of your surroundings. There are also some see through scenes available now if you have a Quest2 headset. It is still in its infancy qualitywise but some seems to like it (never tested it myself).

about not seeing whats goin on in the room, well if i need to see something like get lube or whatever i just take the headset off for a second than back into the other world, i never saw it like a big issue. There is also passthrough porn but quest 2 passthrough camera is quite poor (pico4 is color and so should be quest 3 which i think might be releasing later this year), but yeh passthrough defininty has high potential and scenes are just now starting to being filmed by slr with passthrough focus. 400/500 i get is alot of money but compared to other headsets it is quite cheap and those companies make little to no profit and can get those prices through subsidizing. Personally i think its worth every penny, can also be used for other fun things besides porn, and id rather be without my electronic toy than without my headset.

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The problem is piracy. While we only deliver the scripts, we still do refer to urls for the video, which often are pirated content. A company often doesnt want to relate themselve to that.

Sure, diffirent wording like ‘a forum to share homemade scripts’ can work. It surely will have a far lesser promotion effect compared to sites like SLR, but at least the reference can be there then to make it easier to find.

But its still a grey area, and actualy can backfire. Either the handy gets to hear/gets sued to remove the reference to this site because of pirated content, or this site gets targeted directly to require more heavy moderation.

Its sad it has to go this way, but sometimes being in this grey area is still better.