What do you watch with your toy, 2D, VR or both?

I’m curious how ES users are distributed among 2D and VR.

What do you watch when you use funscripts with your toy?
  • Mainly 2D videos with script
  • Mainly VR videos with script
  • Both 2D and VR videos with script

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ngl , its often times too bothersome to get my oculus, get the handy \ OSR , prepare the toy and lube only to be done a few minutes later and pack everything away xD so its mostly 2D and handy and if i am feeling lucky maybe the OSR


A few minutes? Damned show off.

I agree though, sometimes getting everything set up for a VR video feels like a big enough task to make you decide to go for a 2D video instead.

Yeah, VR is fun, but that setup and well now that DeoVR is basically up in smoke makes it more trouble than it’s worth it, unfortunately.


A good follow up question. Of those that are split between VR/2D, what % do you spend with each.

For me, about 70/30 2d/VR

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What happened with DeoVR? I just used it yesterday with no isssues.

Only 2D because I don´t own a 3D-headset besides the PSVR. But I wouldn´t use one even if I had one I think, might be a nice gimmick but setting this up, setting up the keon, software etc…that almost sounds like work^^
And I tend to sweat a lot by default, so besides a wet headphones I would also have a wet headset so no, I think I don´t.
Besides that I would think that VR-porn is on the same level as vr-games. Nice gimmick you use a few times and after that…but that might just be me personally…

Despite the time required to set up the OSR, get the fleshlight out, heating the sleeve using the heated case, lubing up the sleeve using the i-Lube attachment… getting the oculus 2, going into oculus link and then finally watch the video… all for like maybe 5 to 10 minutes of actual OSR+VR use… and then the entire clean-up process afterwards…I still exclusively use VR now, just can’t get off on 2D porn anymore for some reason :laughing:

:thinking: hhhhhmmm…
What if I use my VR headset to watch 2D videos from time to time?

Does that count for both or mainly VR?

I personally prefer VR and got the set up time minimized down to a few mins. The immersion is just no comparison for me.

If you only watch 2D with your VR-headset then I would say that it is 2D.

The intention of the question was to learn more about the type of videos, 2D and/or VR, used with funscripts rather than the tech used to watch it. But, I see your confusion given your question.

2D, mostly PMVs. I don’t have a VR headset and I’ll never knowingly buy a device made by Meta/Facebook

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I mostly watch 2D but if I see a really good VR script I’ll give it a like and bookmark it if I ever have the desire.

Its too pricey and i dont got fb.

Afaik an FB account is still required, but Meta has said for a year that the requirement should go away “soon”. Speculation is that it was harder than expected to disconnect, but that it will be solved in the next headset to be released.

Thanks thats good to hear. Will reassess when that time comes. Another concern i have is i want as much separation to my porn. Kinda too scared to get immersed too much lol.

Watching 2D in a VR headset is like having a projector and a silver screen on the wall :slight_smile:

this shows more people need to buy a vr headset, once u go vr hard to go back


Thanks all who voted.

Summary (rough estimates based on pie chart at the time of writing this)
3 out of 4 watch 2D with scripts
2 out of 4 watch VR with scripts

1 out of 4 watch mainly VR with scripts
2 out of 4 watch mainly 2D with scripts

I’ll leave the poll open in case some more would like to give their vote.

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