What does the perfect scriptable vid look like?


I’m thinking of ordering a (mainly BJ) custom that I would like to script later (for the Handy). Can you think of any hints to give to the creator to get the most out of it?

Thoughts I immediately had:

  • POV obviously works really well
  • use either hand or mouth, not both at the same time, so the stroke length is easy to see
  • vary especially speed and stroke length, variety in pressure/sucking doesn’t add so much to the sync experience

Anything else you can think of?

Thanks in advance!

  • POV obviously works really well: true.

  • use either hand or mouth, not both at the same time, so the stroke length is easy to see: wrong. It’s not just about getting to an exact stroke length, it’s also about the feeling of it. If she for example is just licking the tip of the head, you may be thinking it should just be like 5 or 10% insertion at the most, but if she’s pressing the tongue with a certain weight on it you’re maybe better off with 20%-30% - of course that is just in theory and you can’t use this for every case. If she’s doing anything with visible force, you should consider that also in your stroke length rather than going for an exact 69% depth. And it’s for sure possible do script both hand and mouth movements if you need to. Works best if they’re in one motion / direction, so you could script something like this:

  • variety in pressure/sucking doesn’t add so much to the sync experience: wrong.
    Like I said you can play around with different stroke lengths / speeds and techniques, even if it’s not the exact depth to create sensations like sucking or ‘pops’ to a certain degree.

I think that if you force someone to do it a certain exact way that she isn’t used to, you may not get a good experience out of it. It may not feel natural, maybe stiff etc. - I’d rather find someone where I like her natural style and use that instead of forcing her to do something entirely unnatural. So to speak.

Just my two cents.

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Thanks a lot for the valuable input!
I’ve read more about scripting than I’ve done it myself, so I’m happy about any hints from the pros

Certainly not forcing anything and especially not asking for anything unnatural, but giving hints can improve the outcome a lot. She’s very good at turning my wishes into something that’s matching her style and she also really likes. If I didn’t like her style, I wasn’t about to order a custom from her, eh? Hehe

I’ll probably just suggest a camera angle I like and doing hand and mouth in one motion as you explained and leave the rest to her :innocent:

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My 2 cents: Personally, I pay particular attention to a stable camera angle. Ideally perpendicular to the “dong” and static. Cameras that shake all the time aren’t a killer argument agains a Video, but it’s easier to script when the camera is static. What is really important is that the “object of desire” is not out of frame. It can be nice to improvise, but it’s easier when you’re seeing everything all the time.

It’s also important to me that there isn’t too much “tip licking” in the video. While that’s a great feeling, it scripts mediocrely. Not impossible, but hard/mediocre.

It is also very important with “single axis” scripts that there is not too much rotary motion in the video. Yes, simple up/down isn’t as arousing as extra rotation, but in singleaxis it’s just not that scriptable.

Also: If there are cuts in the video (change of position, lube up, …) it is VERY important that these cuts are placed good. I have not scripted videos before because there were too many bad cuts. A good cut is very easy to script and is not even noticeable in the script. With bad cuts, you as a scripter always have to improvise and tinker something. Not impossible, but annoying.

Everything else is just personal preference and comes with experience. :wink:


In fact I’ve been playing around with the Handy simple scripter for a video that looked easy enough for a first try since I posted here… :grin:
… I have to say it wasn’t as easy as expected especially because of the unstable camera and the d*ck getting out of frame every now and then, not impossible but makes everything more cumbersome.

I hate bad cuts myself, not only for scripting but in general. I prefer more or less uncut vids, that’s anyway what I request.

Thanks a bunch for your input as well!

Oh and maybe a little note: don’t worry if your first script doesn’t work. The first 4 scripts I built never saw the light of the internet. :wink: Try your hand at several videos. You get better with every video you script. You can always revisit the same video later.

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Yeah, already noticing that it’s not completely trivial and that it’s certainly something that one needs to practice :slight_smile:

Videos like the those MHBHJ ones come to mind for me

What are you ordering? Custom BJ video? Will you be sharing :slight_smile: The actress should avoid double downs/ups motions with either hands or mouth.

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