What happens to sync when skipping in the video?

I’m considering splurging on a stroker, but before I pull the trigger and buy, I feel there is one question I need to know the answer to:

With strokers such as the SR6 or the OSR2+, when you have a video and a script playing in your Quest 2 headset and synced PC, what happens when you want to skip ahead in the video, or jump back to the beginning of a certain position? I usually skip all reverse cowgirl parts, for instance, and jump back to see certain other parts over and over. Do the devices ever lose sync between video and script when you do that? Is there a device or script handler that copes better with skipping?

TheHandy deals with skipping without issues. I can’t say anything about other devices though.


Skipping is also no problem for OSR2 with JFP


I have OSR2 and Handy. I use OSR2 with MFP, and the syncing is quicker than with the Handy + SLR. Not a problem for either device though - perfectly enjoyable.


Is it a matter of taste whether to use JFP or MJP with the OSR2? I’m completely new to this, as you might infer.

yep! Try both and see which one fits your use case better.

JFP is only one axis, MFP is multi axis so you are not using osr to its fullest with JFP.
I guess if you dont want other axes to move then JFP is fine.

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