What is the Best Software to Create Scripts for Sound/Audio?

I was looking at OpenFunscripter and Funscript Generator v2 to try to create some scripts for some erotic audio, however I couldn’t figure out a way to import just an audio file at first glance. Any other software I should be looking at and can anyone help me out with either of these two tools in order to auto generate a script from audio in funscript generator and/or to do it by hand in openfunscripter.

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if you have a simple video editor, you could try adding the audio track on top of a blank video feed, and render it was a video, then you should be able to import it to OFS to add a script

I’ve scripted 4 audios off of r/gwa. I just use OFS and enable the waveform for assistance (right click on the scripting area → Waveform → Enable Waveform)

I’m on version 1.4.2 and didn’t have to do anything special to import audio into OFS. Just File → Import Video/script → select audio file. I’ve only used mp3 and m4a so not sure if it’s compatible with anything else.

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If you are interested in working in OFS i made a little video tutorial back in the day. I think that you might be interested in the 3rd part about 07:10 “Audio waveform & tempo mode”. After some release there was a change in the appearence of the waveform so it might look a bit different but the idea should be the same.

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