What is with the deluge of 3-panel frenetic scripted videos?

Just curious. I’ve been browsing FapTap for a while now and increasingly there are no longer videos scripted that are just… a single video. But now we’re being hit with these ADHD nonstop TikTok style stuff.

Is this just society moving more and more to having a zero attention span? I can’t enjoy it because the second there’s something nice it - oh, there it goes.


more dopamine.
Also, the style tricks people into thinking some of the amateur pornstars (“models”) on pornhub are tiktok/OF influencers

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It’s been a fairly prominent style for a bit now. If you go back through the older years of the PMV World Games, you start to see them pop up a number of years ago. From a scripting standpoint, I think it appeals to people looking for a “quicker” session or you can line up a playlist and goon with it. I never used to prefer those over action scripts but now enjoy them from time to time, it’s nice to have something different occasionally and the folks here doing those scripts are really good at what they do.


Agree 100% … it’s totally not my style as well. But I guess PMV/HMV scripts are so easy to make because of the steady tempo.

I think my only complaint with them is the music aspect. I’m very sensitive to auditory stimulation, and I really enjoy the natural sounds of sex; however, PMVs usually drown out most of those with music. Compilations might be my favorite format for adult videos, but most scripters focus on PMV compilations which is a bummer.

I think from a scripting aspect, scripting to music is much easier as it’s predictable and linear; PMVs also tend to be short which allows them to be made faster and more frequently.

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My only issue is that in some edits the actions in the panels aren’t in sync. Can’t decide which one to script to for an action-based script…

The woes of the scripter.

The reason? It takes longer to script actual scenes, and you get the same amount of exposure as a shorter script. Actually, the PMV/HMV/Shorter scripts get even more attention. Then, if you script full scenes and upload them to faptap, a little DMCA complaint gets issued and, the video goes down

For me personally, even when making pmvs, creative reasons. There are pmvs that just have 3 clips slapped together across three panels, and then there are themed videos with split-screen sections. I don’t mid either, but I prefer the later. Plus nobody wants to watch a vertical video with two huge black bars on the side lol

Agreeing with this aswell. I love compilations, but the music always ruins it for me. Some pmv videos are amazingly made, however that gets ruined by the (for me) annoying music. I personally cannot stand it. To each their own i guess since it apparently has a huge fanbase.

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