What is your favorite paid funscript?

Hello all,
I’m also new to the forum and just saw Astramax’s post asking for your favorite free scripts. I’m curious and wanted to ask what are the best paid scripts in your eyes.

I have bought a few now and am undecided what to look at next. I think my highlight so far has been “Awesome Office Foursome” on SLR.

Any suggestions?


Have a look at CzechVR. In my opinion the best SUB at the moment. Around 273 Scripts included.


In my opinion aim for something that’s recent, newer scripts are usually better than the older.

My favorite paid script from slr is this one: Superbowl Halftime - Blonde Threesome POV | SexLikeReal

Also, have a look at CzechVR, they offer a lot of amazing scripts with their subscription and they are made by the same guys who sell scripts at slr.


Thank you. Yes, I know CzechVR and have a membership there as well :smiley:

Seconded. You’ll most likely run out of storage before you run out of scripted 5k & 8K scenes to download.

As for my favourite script it definitely has to go to Melody Marks - Fun in the Sun by @Realcumber 10/10 script 10/10 scene I’ve replayed it an embarrassing number of times.

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The Brinx of Destruction - I almost passed on this one since she’s not my usual type but it’s become one of my go-tos. The way she rides is incredible.

First one I bought and still fav