What is your favorite free funscript?

I’m not around for too long, but I’m curious if you could choose one free funscript which one is the one?

I know you can sort by top scripts here, but I’m really interested in people’s opinion.


Electronic Triple Threat PMV good music, impeccable scripting.

Cherry Crush - Cosplay Bitch Blowjob 3 this one of the most liked scripts on the site for a reason.

Hypnotised Mind - Dark this blew my mind when I first experienced it, it shows off just how powerful the handy is.

Gabbie Carter - Eligible Receiver one of the first VR scripts I tried and still one of my favourites.

PornHub - Pixie Bitch’s Sloppy Suck with a MASSIVE Facial! I just wish this was longer.


Cake by the Ocean. I never thought of myself as a porn music video fan, but this one changed my mind and I play it just about every session now


I’m a huge fan of cock heros
Personally I think this is the best one I’ve experienced.
these have come close

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If I had to choose just one, I think I’d have to got with this one https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/hifushvu012-scripts-and-posts-from-rts/14516/3 - the video is deleted on pornhub, but you can still find by searching the title, should be 09:34 to match the script. (EDIT: this one should match This Video Has Been Removed - RedTube)


Somebody already said Hypnotized Mind - Dark, which is IMO one of the best works on the site.

My other favorites :

Good music, amazing scripting with interesting beats and varying stroke lengths/patterns

Another excellent script and video with 2 pornstars who are honestly too pretty for porn

This is my favorite VR-POV scene with a free script

This is my favorite 2D-POV scene

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I think this one. Yes, it´s hentai and yes, there might be better ones out there (especially from an editingstandpoint) but this script combined with my keon just kills me. It´s less about the music but the unpredictable and pretty variable movements. And it´s long enough that you don´t have to switch to another video no matter how insensitive you are. I can totally recommend this one if you´re into hentai, but as I said: It´s really intense, not because of the speed but because of the variations going on all the time. If nothing works I take this one to finish me off

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Video has been removed from RedTube. I found a good copy here Anna Blossom - Adorable Nurse Gives Me a Blowie on Her

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Symbol of Faith II





Any of these are top notch.

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I have many favorites, it all depends upon my mood. But I necro’d this thread recently to give the creator props. It’s a pretty great script.

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BRain pleaser,


this one gotta be up there

Aika jav queen pmv
Gemcutters instense slow mo black and white pmv

Both leave me brain dead and out of gas for a week.


Thanks. Glad to kill some brains! :wink:

The link doesn’t work anymore. Any chance I could get that script?

Huh, I wonder why it’s gone.

The rules are pretty clear that you can’t upload a script that’s not yours. @hugecat would it be okay to upload the script if the post is gone?

given that that user asked to have their account and posts deleted, I’d say you shouldn’t share it here for now

Ah bummer, but good to know thanks