What is your favorite script from 2020? Save Up to $40 on OSR2 Purchase With Submission of Vote on best 2020 Scripts

I have seen more and more polls and more and more people participating in them. So I thought I would give it a try.

This information is valuable to the site as a whole so I am willing to “T-wist” your arm a little bit here.

A 10% Credit will be awarded to any user to be used towards OSR2 (+ and upgrades. Not including upgraded servos. Up to $40) The credit can be obtained by voting by way of reply to this topic. This coupon is good for the first 6 months of the year for one use. There is a 2 week period, starting when I post this, for everyone to be able to vote before I close the topic. Thank you for your participation and for being a part of the community.

Please reply to this topic with a link to your two favorite scripts from 2020. This must include what about the video and what about the script that you liked. :pleading_face: Please be as detailed as possible but if you only leave one sentence for each video that is fine too.

Thanks again!

EDIT: Coupons are good all year. Extending the voting time frame to the end of the month.


Love this script as Keisha grey is my all time favorite and I love PMVs where the script follows the action.

2nd favorite is this because again they were PMVs with scripts that followed the action and most or all the girls are pretty hot.

I’ll add a third one cuz this one was so good. Love Blake blossom and she looks amazing in this video. The pacing was great and the script was extremely accurate and immersive. Great video to edge to while the scripts above I literally have no chance😅


At this point this has been my favorite, most interesting script. I wish I knew what RARE script made me cum, because that deserves a nod as well, buttttt I can’t remember lol.

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  1. One
  2. Two

One - has a couple of my favorite porn stars, a good song, and fast script. (kinda short though)
Two - this is a list of free vr scripts but the one specifically is the Lena Paul scene. She is my favorite porn star and sadly there aren’t many scripts of her scenes. (Scripters please make more of her :slight_smile: )


I chose this one because I couldnt imagine the amount of work that goes into Audio based stimuli for a script. Ive thought of it a few times for HMV’s and such but i cant figure out how some of you do it. I have yet to get through the whole script because i liked it so much.
I chose this one because it was one of the first scripts I tried while being here on this site. Holds a place in my heart, i still have the unfinished script file lol.

Honorable mention!: https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/teen-kasia-blue-dildo/9200
Its an old video. I remember it from me starting highschool. Though i never seen this high of quality of video as some links have provided, I loved having the new experience of an old classic i thought i grew out of.

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I’m still new here, and to these toys, and working my way through some really old scripts, but the scripts that have combined the most with the vids to blow my mind have been:

  1. RS :star: VirtualTaboo - Josephine Jackson - Birthday Mom Blows Out My Candle - Scripts / Paid Scripts - EroScripts My most recent purchase and one of my favourite performers, scripted with Realcumber’s usual attention to detail. Love it!

  2. CH - Legacy - Scripts / Free Scripts - EroScripts My first ever Cock Hero and I went nuts for it. Great stuff!

Jacecolm’s Bimbo Candy scripts also deserve very special honourable mention, as well as Scibbles’ Priya Rai script. As they’re from RTS I thought they were older than they actually were, I was surprised to see that they’re from 2020! Also a big fan of Husky’s stuff, and always grateful to check out new scripts from anyone who uploads.


Did coupons codes get sent out? I don’t remember or recall seeing it. Thanks.