What is your Script Editor of choice to make scripts?

Is there anything decent next to JoyFunScripter? Are you happy about it?

mail careers@sexlikereal.com if you would like to join the effort.

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I prefer OpenFunscripter, but open up your AI tracking software to us and I will jump ship in a heartbeat lol! For now, the extensions are what is keeping me on OFS.


The first is Motion Tracking Funscript Generator.
Out of the multiple tools I have tried, it works best for me for automating simple action sequences. I still need to tweak/refine points, but this saves SO MUCH TIME.

I was super excited about How to use FunscriptToolBox MotionVectors Plugin in OpenFunscripter, but then it proved to be extra prep time for basically the same results as Funscript Generator, so I ended up switching back.


The second tool I get a lot of mileage out of is MakeVibrations Lua Script for OFS. Super simple and does exactly what it advertises. Select point A and point B, set frequency and amplitude and you have some nice, even vibrations with zero effort.


The third tool that I’ve JUST started to mess around with is MakeCurve for OFS. It smooths out scripts by adding extra points. I haven’t found a NEED for it yet, but I can see the potential.


So basically, I am calling you out… release a better tool. MAKE me want to switch. I promise that if you develop something better, I will embrace it with open arms.


Curious if we should proceed with SLR Scripts Editor. Basically adding all the features on top of our ScriptAI effort.

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Just off the top of my head, here are some ideas to put you ahead of the competition. Theoretically you have more money and talent at your disposal than your competitors. You SHOULD be able to draw folks in if you invest the resources into this. It’s just a matter of deciding whether or not that’s a priority for you.

Wish list:

As much automation as you can possibly include

  • ideally the software will do all of the work for me. The dream is to just feed it a video and get a script ready to plug and play.

Easy one-click options for vibrations or other simple patterns (see the extensions I mentioned)

Something like the smooth curve extension that will allow easy adding of “detail”

Ability to connect toys (like the Handy) directly to the editor for simple testing and tweaking

Ability to switch audio waveforms on/off (exists in OFS, not sure about others)

BONUS - likely too expensive/time consuming to do

Automatic conversion of videos to iframes

Ability to upscale low resolution content via AI (like Topaz, but right in the program)

Ability to trim/edit videos directly in the script editor

I use OFS. JFS crashed on me multiple times, OFS has never done that. So yeah, OFS.

Tbh i dont really care for Motiontracking or AI-Tracking-sht. I still think that it takes more time to check the stuff the Tracker did, than scripting it by hand. Or i am just oldschool, dont know. :wink:

Giving the users a way to add own “Extensions” (My Tools, VibrationLua,…) makes it, so that everybody can tailer it to what they like/need.

Only thing i really miss in OFS is a way to directly connect a toy, to test the stuff i scripted “on the fly”.

Other than that, a “new” candidat would have to have all the Stuff OFS has (Stability, autosave, waveform, dynamic inject, recording scripting, free keybinding, multi Monitorsupport, … )

Edit: also nice would be a template Funktion. You fill your your Template once, and then you can make a “Eroscript”-Post ready for paste and copy with one click. Tell it there the screenshot positions and or GIFs are, and it basically writs a post for you. If it even connects to ES and you can post your script to ES directly from inside the editor would be… :cherries::ice_cream:

MultiFunPlayer connects to OFS for live playback if you are on windows, not sure if any other player added support for it.

On a note, although i never used JFS, i think that when it supports lua for plugin features similar to ofs, that converting some of the plugins shouldnt be too difficult.

Most plugin features perform very basic tasks and only rely on a few arrays given by OFS (the script, and selection) to convert its data, and an interface to adjust some parameters.

Enabling plugins is a powerfull tool to make a program a lot more powerful. As from that point on, the scripting community will fill in the gaps where needed. And especialy since you can pick your own plugins, avoids clutter for those that dont want those plugins.

Sure, some plugins can be given by default, but again, if the users can just enable/disable what they like, it doesnt realy matter what is given. The only thing that truly matters is providing a strong platform for this (the dynamic enabling/disabling is important in case plugins perform a constant background task. Sliders, buttons etc allow configurations, saving plugin storage, strict interface limitations to streamline behaviour).

But in the end once a user is used to a program, getting them to switch is hard, since the new program must make them capable to do similar things quickly or they go back.

OFS is powerful because of the plugins, but is otherwise very basic (and definitely still needs some improvements). But it simply just does what you expect in most of the cases. Once you have a flow in it, you can make nearly everything, since when you require more, a plugin often already covers it.

So in short: plugins, plugins and more plugins.


JoyFunScripter is bad. OpenFunScripter is where it’s at.

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