What Lua scripts is everyone using?

I think I accidentally deleted all of the Lua Scripts I used to use for OFS :frowning: Regardless of that, I think it would be helpful for all scripters here if we had a place to go to see what scripts are available. Also if anyone has cool techniques they have been using for generating patterns Id love to hear about it :slight_smile:

I used to use the mytools plugin to add mid positions, but ever since i made/improved the makevibrations script, i dont need it anymore as that script now places midpoints automaticly based on desired fps.

What i now use most that i didnt make myself is the fundoubler of funscript.io (although results from those need finetuning to make them proper, it still saves a big chunk of time).

I often take my own script to add vibrations to cumshot sections towards existing videos. And often i then also make it a transition pattern so the start of a pulse uses for example 15 amp and 25fps (adds 375 speed), and then moves to 5amp at 60fps (adds 300). This works well when during the cumshot, the action slows down as this still makes the script more intense. And the transition between the 60 and 25 fps gives it that pulsating feeling (vibrations and a speed above 400 can be jerky, even if the handy can handle up to 600 without issues).

But outside of that, i usualy make things manualy. And i also dont upload those vibration versions (too little and easy change to do, and i dont want to take credit for that unless the video maker would ask for such version specificly).

Still, my script wasnt updated for OFS3, so might not work in that (its atm only OFS2).

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