Util - Another Extension for OpenFunScripter

:information_source: Introduction

Util is an OFS extension that includes a few useful features.
This extension is made by OG9 on Fantia. You can find the original article here:

Some of the features were ported from the lua scripts for OFS by @Lucifie. Many thanks to them.

:gear: Features

:round_pushpin: AddPoint


Adds specified amount of points between two actions, evenly distributed.




Add One add one action between two actions.
Add One Pos0 and Add One Pos100 does the same thing, but at the bottom / top respectively.
AddThere adds an action to the current playback position right on the curve, or at 0 if there’s none.


MyTools also has this feature, but will crash if an action already exists.



Originally Select-PointsToSkip by Lucifie.

Deselect a number of points in a selection (or full script).

Order will be inverted if Reverse Selection and Skip is checked. (select-skip-select to skip-select-skip )


:round_pushpin: PosReverse

Invert the positional value of selected points.

“Reverse From Selection” will invert it in the max and minimum range of the selected points.



Reversed From Selection

:round_pushpin: TimeOffset


Shifts all actions by the indicated time, in seconds.
The data that protrudes before or behind the video duration will be automatically deleted.
Useful to sync a script with an alt version of the video.

:round_pushpin: PosChange


Set the positional value of all selected actions.

:round_pushpin: SelectOverSpeed


Useful for finding a fast stroke beyond your device’s capability.

Default value (501 unit/s) is based on VORZE A10 Piston’s limitation.

You can change the default value by editing the following section in Util/main.lua .

OverSpeed.Speed = 501.0

:round_pushpin: SelectUnderTime


Search and select a point with interval shorter than the specific value, in seconds.

Useful for locating small actions that won’t feel well on the Launch / A10 Piston, due to frequency limitations.

:round_pushpin: PrevNext2


Skip backward / forward a specific amount of actions.
This is mostly used for checking whether actions are in sync with the video.
A keybind is recommended.

:round_pushpin: BackPaste


Pastes clipboard content before the cursor position.

MyTools also have this feature, but will crash if actions are pasted outside of the video’s duration.

:round_pushpin: Select Plus


Expands the selection to the next / previous action.

Automatically creates a selection from nearest action, if none are selected.


Using with keybinds such as Alt+ ← / → is recommended.

:round_pushpin: Keybinds

Hotkey shortcuts are supported and can be customized to your liking.

:inbox_tray: Download


The author of this topic (Falafel) did not make the extension.

Since there might still be future updates, it is recommended to download from the original article (Fantia), although I will try to keep this link up to date.

This re-upload has been acknowledged by the original creator.


  • 2023/01/23 TimeOffset value input bug fix.
  • 2023/01/14 PrevNext2 button name fix.