What lube do you use with your Handy?

So I am currently recovering from a sweat rash it looks like, no biggie, it stopped itching thank god so now I’m mostly fighting my urge to strap on the Handy with every notification I get to give it a fighting chance lol.

It might have been due to my long sessions (in average, 2Hours. a few small videos or MMD dances and then a full lenght VR scene)

Got me wondering. My nearby sex shop only pretty much has only local brands and popular stuff, none of the top shelf stuff so I might have to go online and BOY is there a lot of choice.

Okay, so I currently use ID Glide and it served me well for months, I guess I could just be careful about it drying up during activity and reapply accordingly.

Anyway, just let me know which lube you guys use and let me know if it usually lasts, like, a full JAV VR type lenght. I’m talking a solid 1h45.

I’ve read that liquid silk might be good, I could check it out, saw it on Amazon.

More important than the lube for me was using the right soap. I like the Oatmeal almond soap bar, as that’s the only thing to keep me from getting those sorts of rashes. The lubes all have l sorts of ingredients in there that can irritate, but if you use a cheap soap, you can end up stripping away moisture, getting scabs, getting the rashes, etc.

I’ve used Favwater and sweared by it, gone through a ton with no issues. Also used XESSO and might switch back since it has less irritant ingredients.

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I use shibari ultrasmooth on recommendation of others here. It has an ingrdedient some peoples skin dont like, but if that ingredient does not bother your skin the sensation is incredible and it does not dry out during long (for me ~1hr) sessions.

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Oh it was in the howto section, that explains why I couldn’t find anything. Thanks Falafel.

Welp, feel free to keep commenting guys. I’m still interested in whatever you have to say.

x-lube is best imo. j-lube is fine but i like x for fleshlights best. it ends up being wayyyy cheaper. its worth the shipping just try it.


and sometimes yeah im in vam for awhile talkking to the ai n fuckn n shit. maybe not 2 hours but awhile
big bottle. not unecessarily and gimmicky expensive.

Damn, yeah it looks pretty affordable for a good size bottle.

Hold up for a second, completely unrelated. I didn,t know VAM had AI and you could interact with the girls. I thought it was an animation software.

it kinda does but it sucks. so i made my own. its not simple to do though and requires a decent amount of dev experience and ability
theres also vamx which has an ai thingy. i havent really played with it though because I dont really like vamx and i am not going to pay their insane subscription fee when i can do it myself.

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X Lube is the best I’ve found so far. It’s the longest lasting water based lube I’ve tried and is also the cheapest.

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I use either of RideJapan’s lubes. 400ml, good quality, and has an applicator nozzle.

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