What makes a good user on eroscripts

A lot of people will hate me again for this topic, I know, but I need some help figure out what makes a good user on eroscripts and based on this, conclusions for online communities in general.

In my opionion, theres a lot of user roles here on eroscripts that have a big impact / value for the community. Some are neutral an sadly some negative ones. With this feedback topic I would like to concentrate on the positive parts of the community.

I think those users are very valuable for the community:

  • Forum Owner, Admins and Mods (thx btw for eroscripts)
  • Scripter, especially those who make it for free and created multiple scripts
  • Software / website developer
  • Toy developer and inventors of improvements for toys, like 3d printing stuff
  • Video creator and optimizer
  • Supportive people especially at help and/or general category
  • Users that post (comments) a lot and are motivational
  • Open-handed that support scripter and developer
  • Commercial sites / scripter that brings scripting and interactive toys on a higher level and are not only gold diggers

I think I have named all, I hope at least. But there is a open question for me:

What criteria or which insert makes an (activity based) valuable user for this community, apart from the above listed very valuable user?

Okay the word valuable is a bit hard, but I think everybody knows what I mean. Is there an objective way to categories a “valuable” user by

  • Joined
  • days visited
  • read time
  • recent read time
  • topics viewed
  • posts read
  • given :heart:
  • topics created
  • posts created
  • received :heart:
  • Top Categories
  • Badges

Some examples (just my opinion):

Active one:

  • Joined: Jan 2022,
  • given :heart:: 40
  • topics created: 2
  • posts created: 20
  • received :heart:: 5
  • badge: member

Neutral one:

  • Joined: April 2021,
  • given :heart:: 40
  • topics created: 2
  • posts created: 20
  • received :heart:: 5
  • badge: basic

Neutral One:

  • Only post links to video sources (legal)
  • No more or rare other feedback like likes, comments etc.

Negative One:

  • Post links to video sources (illegal)
  • Just comment “free source?” and not even give a like for the script

Negative/Neutral One:

  • No interaction with the community, only sign of being alive by droping every week a script request

Online communities are mostly unevenly divided. Maybe here are 5% active, 90% neutral and 5% user who stand out negatively. I do not want to condemn anyone here. I will figure out, maybe for future projects, how to improve community experiences. Is it possible to motivate people to interact more and if it so, in which way?


I’m kind of a lurker myself… I originally came here to find scripts for the " Aneki… My Sweet Elder Sister" series, but when I saw the requirements to access the request forum I kinda gave up.

I don’t intend to be negative and I will be more supportive by giving out likes for the scripts I have found here that I enjoy. I don’t have anything to offer to the community because I don’t have the skill needed to create scripts/content for others to use, but I can at least show more support in the future.

I appreciate the heads up on this topic and I’ll certainly try harder in the future.


Personally I have no issue with lurkers as we’ve probably all been there at one time on the internet.

I think it’s also useful to remember that not everyone is the same. I know I sometimes fall into the trap of assuming that because I’m comfortable with something everyone else is. Not everyone is comfortable commenting on an adult forum. Not everyone is comfortable commenting in a language that may not be their first.

I think the best way to grow a community is to be as welcoming as possible and not to try and regulate everyone. Sharing what is best practice is fine though.

As a community we seem to be one of the better ones. An internet message board with no homophobia, racism or Kink shaming is a rare place.

Along the line of increasing interaction and getting more people scripting a monthly scripting challenge may be a good way to go. If people are interested i’m happy to offer an unreleased script as a participation reward.

@doting.puppet Scripting has quite a low skill bar it’s just time consuming. Scripting fast and accurately is were the skill comes in.

@mADsCRIPTS No hate for the topic even if we dont entirely agree. Good to have the conversation every now and then.


I would say a ‘bad’ user would be someone who negatively impacts other users, eg being abusive or generally obnoxious and showing little empathy.

Everyone else I would categorise as a good user. Even if someone chooses to not contribute much to the community, I would say they still have value just by being here and I would welcome them regardless.

If you want to motivate people to be more active, one motive we could give them would be some form of reward system. Although to be honest I’m thinking the community is fine as it is, it’s only a small minority that are negative and I don’t want to encourage people to take part when they aren’t comfortable doing so; I am sure they will join in when they’re ready.

I lurked for quite awhile until I had the spare time to start scripting, I only felt comfortable taking part in topics like these once I had released a few (small) scripts.


I decided to write my little story of turning from bad user into a good one.

I learned about this community a little over a year ago. The first few months I was just looking for videos that I like and sometimes forgot to like the author of the script.

Two months later, I made the first request, which was completed on the same day. A couple of months later I made a second request, but no one accepted it for a long time.

Then I decided to try to make it myself, and it seems to me it turned out quite well. After that, I realized that although writing scripts takes a lot of time, it’s still faster than waiting for a request.
I started writing more scripts (I hope good ones and they don’t disappoint you) to thank the community for the scripts and programs I got here. So sometimes it takes time for a bad user to become a good one.

For users who come here only for scripts, take a few minutes to like and write a few words of gratitude to the author, this is much less time than he spends writing a script.
And also here you rarely see criticism, but it is also very important. If in your opinion the script has any problems, write about it to the author (you can in a private message)

P.S. There may be mistakes, I do not speak English very well.


Don’t worry about that series, I plan to do it once my other projects are done. But …. I’m a slow scripter and it may be a min. But that is on the list so it’ll be done one day

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id LOVE to see more of this, we have script pages here with 1.5k views and it only has 5 comments saying a quick thanks, if more of those 1.5k could give a nice morale boost to the creator of the script i think it would be really nice :slight_smile:


Much appreciated! Something about the general art style of Pink Pineapple videos is very pleasing to me.

Here is another example of “community gratitude”
This is one of my new scripts, 2k views, 11 comments, but they are all just looking for a free video.
No one even thought to say thank you. Very motivating for scripting, isn’t it?


Is it possible to motivate people to interact more and if it so, in which way?

No, it isn’t and even less likely on a site like this. Without wanting to sound too off’ish…why do you care anyway? The majority of people will take with no contribution. Only read one of your more ‘authoritive’ posts this morning (old topic)…nature of online and nature of forums, most will take, not comment or even like. You can either suck it up and accept that is how places like this work…or you can upset yourself over it. I know what I’d do.

I rarely comment either unless have something specific to say, I always like a post where I dl the script. That make me a bad user too in your policing eyes? So be it then shrugs. I will however say though, it is certain people’s attitude around here that makes me not want to contribute further. God forbid I might upset the eroscripts police.