What options do I have if I don't have access to BTC and I want to purchase a script from Realsync?

I want to buy this script in particular:

However, this and other scripts on Realsync aren’t purchaseable to me because their only option is to pay with BTC. I have already tried setting up an account, but my credit card was declined, so I contacted my bank and they said they simply do not allow any type of crypto transaction.

Are there any alternatives if I can’t use BTC?

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You can do what I did and purchase a gift card using Google Pay, that way you don’t have to deal with BTC. Details are in this thread: Google Pay Changes and RealSync - #3 by Evernessince

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Had the same problem a couple of months ago. It works great with US amazon gift cards and if you use the Realsync discord the support gives you a very quick followup usually.


Thank you for suggesting this! I’ll reach out on their Discord.

Thank you! I should have mentioned I’m in Canada however so this doesn’t work for me either as it’s not an available in my country. I’ll try the gift card method through their email

What you do is forget and literally vote with your wallet until these people understand BTC is a fad, won’t last and to offer normal payment options.

Really shouldn’t have to jump through damn hoops in this day and age to buy something for a few notes.

RealSync accepts Litecoin in addition to BTC but I’m sure you are referring to crypto at large.

The fact of the matter is that if it wasn’t for crypto RealSync wouldn’t be able to accept payments at all. It’s not a matter of being stubborn, it’s a matter of Visa / Mastercard controlling the online payment market and setting rules that are extremely harsh on adult content creators that make it hard to impossible for many to accept payments. This is what’s behind Patreon’s crackdown on adult content, the reason OnlyFans almost went no adult content, and why many other adult creators are having trouble monetizing their work.

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Yet I can pay my SLR sub right now with Visa, Mastercard or Paypal…

I believe SLR is registered in the EU and the rules do not apply globally. I know Realsync tried PayPal as a payment option and the account got closed and they lost out on payments. It’s not that they dont want your money it was this or nothing. Realsync is not a huge business it was set up after the last marketplace got closed and they launched it as an alternative. This has all been discussed on here in the past.

Lets try and give people the benifit of the doubt before assuming there some sort of cryptoBro.

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