What scripts have had interesting ideas?

Have any scripts jumped out at you as being particularly interesting or effective?

I’m taking an interest in scripting and am looking for examples and inspiration

Many of the regular scriptors here are worth a look! Even if they don’t have what you are describing in each and every script, the continual high quality from script to script should be your goal.

Having the strokes perfectly timed to the action is the first thing I look for.

I’ve been keeping track of script views and likes over the past six-ish months. That should give you a decent ‘hall of fame’ to get inspiration from :smiley:

Here’s the scripts sorted by most liked

And here’s sorted by most viewed

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Best scripts are those you made for yourself :slight_smile:
Nobody knows better what you like than yourself.

So my advice would be to select a short clip you realy like and script it to get used to it.
Then later on you can add more techniques that make your scripts unique.

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Thanks for the replies. I’ve been testing different “setups” with my handy. Quite fun. But it doesn’t always behave the way you expect it to from the script. For example, certain setups cause an unpleasant jitter instead of running smoothly. Others have a longer than expected pause where the line is sloping.
Some “ideas”, and by ideas I mean 1-10 second segments of the timeline, can be particularly effective or well-suited to the device (handy or other). Ideas other than a regular 0-100 zigzag…

Can you copy this section here? Maybe its just too fast for Handy.
Which firmware are you using?