What software to use?

Hello, can anyone tell me what software package to use to create this very simple script?


Hope someone here can help me get started…

I dont know of any app that can do this out of the box. Any project is different when it comes to patterns.

You could write a script that loops throught each line and creates the beats.
Or you just calculate the necessary timestamps with Excel. I guess this is faster than writing a script. But you need to know the target speed limits for that if your definition just says slowest, medium, fastest.

Which device are you using?

Hi thanks! Using the Handy. Totally new to this. I would calculate it in Excel. Would it just be a cut and paste into the script we me manually changing the wait time and speed?

But don’t even know the syntax or code to start with the basic full stroke.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

The script just needs a timestamp in milliseconds and a position from 0 to 100.
Handy tries to get to the position defined at a timestamp.

Without any programming skills this might be difficult to build no matter which tool you use.
Even Excel needs some knowledge on how to use formulas.

If you know how to code it is an easy task to build your script but in this case you will notice realy fast that the code you have build is not dynamic enought to adapt to your growing demands.

You might want to try out one of the apps before you write something on your own.

I have written a little tutorial. Maybe that helps.

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