What sync device do you use? (multiple choice)

  • Fleshlight Launch
  • Handy
  • OSR2/2+
  • Kiiroo Onyx
  • Other

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Just gauging what everyone here uses/own. Poll is multiple choice if you have more or all of them.


I voted both Launch and Handy, but I haven’t used the Launch since getting the Handy tbh.

It was kinda meh at first, until I realized I could set the length in Script Player to 90 or 100, after that, way better than the Launch, the launch is just too slow for the scenes I like. (Handjobs mostly)


I really expected there to be more OSR users. I have used the Vorze, Launch and The OSR2. I have not used the Launch much since acquiring the OSR2. I can vouch for the device and how awesome the community is when it comes to support and questions/general discussion. I honestly don’t see myself getting into the scripting game too much. However once I get my printer set up and dialed in I am considering offering my services in the production and sale of the OSR to anyone who is interested.


I dont think length in the Handy actually is affected by the settings in Scriptplayer tbh - maybe @Liquid can confirm that?

There are top and bottom arrows on the front of the Handy that many dont know about and can increase and decrease stroke length greatly while playing a video that I would recommend using if you havent yet

That’s correct. Since any change would require a complete re-upload of the entire script, this is how it works:

The script is scaled up to the full range of 0-100 if necessary and uploaded to the Handy. To change the stroke length (lower bound is always 0, upper bound is 0-100 but 0 still results in movement) you can either use the buttons on the Handy or the [-] and [+] buttons within ScriptPlayer.


(btw.: Is it called “The Handy” or simply “Handy”?)

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The “build it yourself” thing is probably an issue for a lot of people, and there’s not anyone selling premade ones for some regions. While I certainly feel it was worth the effort putting min together, I can certainly understand the appeal of a premade system, even if the existing ones don’t appeal to me. (I now consider hands-free mounting to be an essential feature

What’s impressive to me is how far ahead the Handy is compared to the Launch, despite the massive head start the latter had over the former. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if this forum trends towards people who are more devoted to the whole thing (and thus more likely to be early adopters of new technology).

(I also have a cyclone-type device, but I didn’t check “Other” in the poll because I don’t really consider it in the same category of things to begin with - it’s got an entirely different mode of functioning and works best with an entirely different set of content.)

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I am test printing an OSR2+ and then I will be open for shop. I purchased my first one partialy assembled and programmed. Recently I have learned enough regarding the build to start that endeavor. I will be making a post regarding this in the next few days.

If that works out for me maybe I will get the Handy to see what that is all about. I have a collection. :crazy_face:

I agree with the hands free m8.

I didn’t mean real time, but that seems to default to a value of 50 so the first time I start ScriptPlayer, I always have to raise it to 90 or 100 before loading any video.
Otherwise the stroke length doesn’t seem to be 0-100.

I discovered after my comment that the stroke length could also be adjusted from the Handy for scripts, and not only for manual mode.


I’m pretty new to using these scripts and I’m really liking it. I am using the kiiroo onyx and I had honestly lost hope because the videos/scripts I was finding on the websites they promote aren’t that good. The scripts this community is producing changed my opinion on my onyx. I see based on the poll above that the handy is the most used and I had never heard of it before, but I may get it based on its popularity.