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What the fuck is going on with the handy?

Can’t at all connect IN ANY WAY. Not through handyfeeling. Not through scriptplayer. Nothing. Anyone else having issues?


not working here

I tried connecting with since you asked, but I can’t connect there. However, The Handy seems to be able to come online based on the LED color, but apps like handyfeeling can’t connect.

Seems to be several reports on The Handy discord about connectivity issues. The big drawback of having a server side solution.

thanks. just wondering if i have ABSOLUTELY reached the point of technology ineptitude!

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bluetooth works atleast.

really wish they would make a software to 100% run over local wifi.


Problem here as well. Any workarounds?

Very disappointing. Tried whole morning with no luck.
It’s funny though that manual mode on - Create, Modify, Enjoy Funscripts worked and even one time I was able to run video.

Is there any solution for local only usage with FW 3.2?

Created an issue on Reddit.

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I’ve had problems with Handy losing connection or even connecting in DEOVR for like a week. Latest firmware.

I have the Same Probem, cant connect via Script Player and Handyfeeling neither, Funscript.IO sometimes work but then connection gets lost again

Same here, no way to connect in any way. :unamused:
Very frustrating indeed… :man_shrugging:
Hopefully it will be resolved soon.
My Handy has not yet been upgraded to the latest firmware btw, so the latest firmware has nothing to do with it…

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Same :frowning: tried everything downgrading/upgrading firmware just keep getting a device not found/server error

Hi. Same problem. Its not on our site. I have the Problem only on Prime Time in the evening. Later at Night it works perfectly. Midday also. Maybe its a Provider issue. Had the same issue couple of Month ago and it solved by itself in like 2 weeks. Good to know i am not the only one and the company is aware of it.

Maybe they try to force no nut november on people? :rofl:


From Handy discord after lunch time today:

Sorry, servers were indeed down this morning! It has since been fixed so you should be able to connect to HandyFeeling no problem now


those BASTARDS!!!
thx to all for getting some answers

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