What toys(strokers, vibrators, etc) work with scripts?

I’m trying to find a list of toys we can use with our scripts. Not just strokers like the launch, handy or osr2. But vibrators and prostate toys too. Does anyone know?

I haven’t experimented that much with it, but you can link buttplug.io to scriptplayer which should be able to connect with lots of bluetooth toys.

How do you do that i got the Nobra Twincharger?
Which one do i need to download since there are ALOT of Apps?

I believe I used this guide when i set it up. I have no clue about the Nobra though.

DG-Labs Coyote for eStim, I’ve been using it with Funscripts and it’s awesome

does it require an E-Stim with Bluetooth or WLAN?
I have the ElectroPebble XPF

I would start here.

If a toy will work with this instruction then it will work with scripts… It may require the buttplug.io which is mentioned above to work stand alone, though.

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