What type of videos does everyone want a script for

I’ve dabbled in many different types of videos since i started scripting, comparing the videos the scripts are based on however for me at least has proven quite inconsistent in popularity, some get very popular when i never expected them to and vice versa. So im wondering what is it about a video that makes a script basically irresistible?

I’ve put a few options in the poll but feel free to add your own opinions, the data i gather from this will heavily impact how i script in the future so any and all opinions and votes are much appreciated :slight_smile:

  • Studio (Vrbangers, Badoink etc)
  • Pornstar
  • camera angles
  • age of the video
  • Lighting and other ambient effects
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Video accessibility is also something I consider. I don’t keep active subscriptions to sites, I usually subscribe to an aggregate site (mostly VRPorn since they have VRB and BaDoink but sometimes SLR or POVR) and download as many videos as possible that are already scripted or that I hope will be scripted at some point and then unsubscribe.

They usually add the videos to the aggregate sites some months after the release on the official website so I’ll rarely buy a script for a brand new released video until that video becomes more available. In most cases, I won’t buy a script unless I already have the video downloaded.


POV Amateur Blowjobs or Riding.

That is all.


For me camera angles, lighting and age (old = lower quality/resolution) aren’t something I select videos for. They are factors that makes me skip a video even if I like the studio/star. Studio is also mostly used as a guidance for overall quality. You learn which studios have the stars you like, film in a way you like (positions, angles distance, lighting, type) and having good quality.

All in all, the options weren’t really options for me. There are so many other factors that make a video irresistible. The star is most important, then clothing, shoes, makeup, set, theme (e.g. BBG, BGG, anal, bondage, roleplay, cosplay, …).