What VR sites are worth the subscription?

I was looking at a few sites that have Black Friday deals now. Some have interactive selections and some don’t. Which ones do you think are worth the cost?

For instastance, POVR has a big sale now. They list many interactive videos and have many other VR videos. I know a lot of people like SLR, but even on sale they are expensive. What is recommended by users on here?


POVR’s interactive features aren’t anywhere near SLR’s unfortunately (or at least that was the case last I looked into it). They require a separate app, and the scripts aren’t nearly as good (see here)

It’s possible that’s changed, but I feel like word would’ve gotten around Eroscripts if they had really stepped up their game.

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Perhaps checkout Czechvr if you haven’t already? There is no active Black Friday deal, but their content is great, has no DRM whatsoever, and you can download everything without restrictions (including scripts).

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My short answer: SLR. They have an excellent script catalog and carry content from multiple studios. I use their site more than any other. NaughtyAmericaVR has content and performers which I really, really like, but SLR has a much larger variety of content and performers. I plan to renew my annual subscriptions to both sites for the foreseeable future. But, if I had to choose between them, I would definitely choose SLR.

My slightly longer answer: Give yourself permission to make a decision which you might regret later. As an example, I’m a fan of Savannah Bond, and she has a threesome scene on FuckPassVR. Most of the FuckPassVR content was already on SLR, but not that Savannah Bond video. I waited for a few months, hoping it would show up on SLR. Finally, I had some extra spending money, and I bought a 1 year membership to FuckPassVR – figuring there will be other videos which I want that don’t get added to SLR. So far, every video on FuckPassVR that I want to download has also been available on SLR. Based on the information I had at the time, each decision made sense. However, the outcome was not what I expected nor what I wanted.

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What do you think would be the right price for SLR sub?

A dream price would be a Netflix pricing, 13 / month. Meaning ~ 150 per year. At this price, I wouldn’t need to think much and instant buy a one year sub. At the current 240 I have to consider it more. I understand the price though, not saying it’s way too much. Production is expensive, tech gear is extremely expensive, actors want fair money, other employees (video editors and so on) want their fair money, studios want their fair money and SLR itself wants to make a good enough profit as well.

It’s a price I hope to see in the future, when hopefully VR becomes more popular which also means VR porn gets more popular and the increasing users means a decrease in pricing.


As a point, POVR are rolling out a new service (Update - Interactive Content: POVR Originals / WankzVR / MILF VR - VR Discussion](https://povr.com/discuss/d/38243-update-interactive-content-povr-originals-wankzvr-milf-vr). it’s definitely limited for now as you have to use Oculus Browser, and to me, that’s a dealbreaker. But they are working on it and have at least moved past the wretched FeelConnect app.

But in answer to the OPs question, most sites are good depending on your preferences, SLR and POVR being the best. Avoid VirtualPorn as their cameras are horrible.

Could you possibly copy/paste the post? Looks like POVR has their forums (or announcements or whatever) for members only. It just keeps redirecting me to the main page.Would love for there to be more activity in this space.

The implementaiton isn’t quite there yet, but once they have script downloads working, it should be a viable solution. Oculus Browser being the sole supported method is just never going to fly. Seemingly they do have 400+ scripts available already (AI scripted but IMO the quality around that is improving quickly). The thread is quite long but this is the OP.

"Hi everyone and happy Friday!

I am very, very happy to report that we’ve moved forward with interactive testing and we’re in the process of implementing a whole new system for interactive content.

First up will be the POVR Originals. Based on the time it takes to process and sync each title, we plan to have the full POVR Originals library completed within the next 2 weeks.

The new system will support a wide range of interactive devices such as The Handy, Kiiroo devices and more. Users will have more options than ever with a more intuitive interactive system.

Once interactive options are available for POVR Originals titles, we’ll move on to the larger collections at WanzkVR and MILF VR. Previous interactive titles at WankzVR and MILF VR will be re-worked and updated as well. My recent absence had slowed things down… now we’re back on track.

Stay tuned for more news and announcements as we get ready to roll everything out. Good God, it is really happening!

Have a good weekend y’all!"


I appreciate the responses. I just have a difficult time convincing myself SLR is worth $30/month. Other sites are charging significantly less. A lot of videos get scripted on here. So, is SLR still worth the $100-200 more per year for what it provides?

Also, I have an Onyx+ Realm edition that SLR does not support. They have been totally unresponsive to mine and others inquiries about this. I would have gotten a subscription earlier, before I found this site, if they had just replied and/or offered support. It makes me suspect of the quality of their customer service.

Now, I am not sure of the value for the higher cost.

POVR looks pretty amazing, especially at the cyber monday discount. Do you happen to know of any sites that are running similar deals that may have both regular and vr options? I figure if I’m going to pay, I want to try and get the best of both worlds.

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I sent you a PM with a question. I didn’t post it here because I didn’t want to divert the topic.

If the scripting with SLR doesn’t work, then that would significantly reduce the value proposition for me. If I had to choose between $20/month without scripts or $30/month with scripts, I’d go with the scripts. But, that is because I would be unlikely to pay $20/month for something without scripts. I value the scripts that much.

One of the things I learned over the last few years is that our brain does a sub-conscious substitution when evaluating complicated questions. In this case, instead of evaluating “Is ________ worth _________ cost?” our brains probably evaluate, “How much emotional value do I get from _________? How much emotional cost do I get from spending __________?” If the emotional gain is higher than the emotional cost, we buy the item.

Right now, when it comes to SLR, it sounds like the cost isn’t worth the gain to you. The fact that they have a sale going on adds urgency to the decision making process, but I suspect that urgency is artificial. Sales happen all the time. My advice would be to ask, “If there was no sale going on right now, would I spend _____ per month for this service?”

Full disclosure – I work as a consultant. One of the key tools consultants use is restructuring questions into a different format. It encourages people to look at the problem differently, and that new insight is frequently very valuable. It also has the advantage of making the client-consultant relationship more collaborative – and clients tend to prefer to work with people who collaborate instead of dictate. :slight_smile:


I’ve tried SLR, Czechvr & Virtual Taboo using funscripts from here. I’ve found, no one chastise me for this, that SLR scripts are more consistent especially scripts created by member on here. Plus SLR have great variety yet it is costly, to me at least, once add on the script option.

Czechvr I’ve found scripts very good and the 8k videos are fantastic visually. The all inclusive price with scripts is good value. I enjoyed Virtual Taboo but scripts sourced to use with videos can be inconsistent quality. Quality of vids and scenes are enjoyable. I tend to dip in and out of each when new videos have been added. I will be trying Wankzvr once have funscripts as had a sub to them in past so be good to try interactive.

I’d suggest, if not done so, might be good idea take out month sub to each and see what you prefer then commit to a year. Sorry doesn’t answer best black friday deal!

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Script downloads? Will they charge for that or include it with a subscription?

I think $10-15 is the most I’d pay for a subscription including scripts and that th vast majority of VR sites aren’t worth subbing to at all due to extremely limited content or total lack of quality scripts. There is often months I don’t like any of the new videos and I’m essentially paying for nothing while I watch old videos/scripts. Compare that with like TeamSkeet for example and I’d be overwhelmed with videos. no VR platform is there yet.

Let me know if you are looking for a job. There are many cool things to work on on SexLikeReal with your skills :+1:

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Give it a try and you won’t regret. Use discount code SLRAPP for even better price. If you don’t like it we will refund you right away. Refer to this thread if anything.

Install DeoVR from the store. Then go to sexlikereal.com in built-in Deo browser to enjoy the magic of VR. Costs you nothing.

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SLR is way ahead of any other platform you know in every aspect. If you have a headset SLR is your place to go.

Make sure to try our latest hit - passthrough videos Passthrough for VR porn - immersive new SLR feature!

Hey, Onyx+ Realm should be working with the latest version of Haptics Connect. We haven’t received our version of the toy yet so I can’t 100% confirm that.

You can try it out without needing a subscription. It should connect and move when using the manual player too. If it does then you’re good to go with scripts as well.

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Thanks for the code. Definitely more reasonable.