What would be a good upgrade for the oculus quest without breaking the bank?

I have oculus quest that has served me well for some time now, but it can’t really keep up anymore with the higher-quality videos that are coming out. I’m considering upgrading. What would you recommend as a viable upgrade? I got a beefy pc so it should be able to handle any vr headset.

I don’t know if there are any major differences between the quest and the Rift S, but I have an oculus Rist S plugged with my computer and I absolutely love it. You need some minimum specs on your PC but with a decent graphic card and a good processor, it’s amazing.


It depends what you want. Are you okay with a PC VR headset and do you have a powerful PC to run it? Then the HP Reverb G2 would be a viable option.

But currently, I would wait on buying anything. The VR industry is very busy at the moment and new headsets will come out this year. Mid September the Pico Neo 4 will get announced. It’s pretty much a way better Quest 2 and is also a standalone headset. Lenovo will also announce their new standalone headset soon-ish. Meta’s Cambria will come out by the end of the year, even though the price range will be around ~ 1000. And there are still rumors about Valves new headset called Deckard.

A lot of new technology is coming for the new VR headsets and it’s probably the best to wait and see what is coming and picking the best option from the new releases.


I use a HP Reverb G2, great HMD but as Slibowitz already mentioned not a good time for buying.
Wait for the new HMDs.

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If you like the Oculus / Meta ecosystem, maybe have some apps / games there, just go for a Quest 2.

The cambria headset is gonna be more on the business side of headsets.

Rumors say that the real Quest 3 is released around October 2023 if you want to wait.

I don’t think the G2 is much better than a Quest 2 and certainly not worth the extra money imho.

Although the Q2 is now $100 more expensive than before I think. Maybe you can get a cheap one somewhere.

Other options for sure could break your bank and are not standalone options so you probably need a beefy pc also.

Edit: If you go for other standalone headsets, be sure to know you will be missing all known apps and I’m not sure if there would be much interest for developers to add script playback support for video players for example so I wouldn’t go for another standalone if that’s your priority.

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looks like i will be waiting then.

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