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What's the best VR Headset?

Hey all!

I’m thinking of getting a VR headset for use with my Kiiroo KEON, what headset would you recommend?

I have just a Macbook Pro and iPhone if that makes any difference!


Definitely Quest 2 unless you are overly concerned about it being a Facebook product.

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Without getting ridiculously expensive, the HP Reverb G2 has better per eye resolution than most headsets and no Facebook privacy crap to be concerned with.

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I would also suggest Quest 2 @Husky as it is wireless and great quality and still has the ability to play high quality videos. There are better headsets for quality but for ease of use I would suggest Quest 2. The only issue is SLR Interactive does not work with iPhones which makes using the Kiiroo KEON much easier, you can connect via PC but quite a bit more effort.

Quest 2 is great for mobile and if you have limited budget and lower end PC

I’ve tried most headsets including G2 which looks amazing for screen resolution - but I find that top priorities for VR porn personally are:
-120hz frame rate

This makes the Pimax 5K+/Super/8k+/8kx the best in my opinion (Index a good 2nd)

You dont need basestations for VR porn with Pimax, but you do need a decent PC to run it

As for Quest 2 and SLR Interactive - @ruffryder93 - you can actually now install it directly on your Quest 2 without need for any android/iPhone device → How To Connect Your Sex Toys directly to Quest 2 with DEOVR/SLR app (No need for any additional device!)


Oh wow, that is good to know! Thanks for the info, must have missed that post. I guess that puts my guide to being somewhat useless now. I had a guide on reddit for using XBVR - Android - Keon, although I guess in some cases that still may be helpful.
Would have posted it here however I still don’t have access to the howto section to post -

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I was under the impression that all VR videos are 60fps - what benefit does having a higher framerate bring?

Most Videos are 60 fps yes - but they are playing back on a 90 hz refresh rate device - its still good, but not ideal for true video frame to frame playback

60 hz and 120 hz in headset settings give you true native 1:1 frame playback and best possible 2:1 interpolation (respectively) for smoother motion on screen (less choppiness which is more noticeable on faster motion)

Oh yeah I see what you mean - having a HMD with a refresh rate that’s a multiple of 60 is a benefit for sure. 90Hz is also pretty good since it’s 3:2. But 75Hz and 144Hz are suboptimal.

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Never ever buy a headset with cables and stations, period.!

It makes you feel like a crush test dummie which strapped to a chair or a bad. Another cons are dealing with codecs.It’s really time consuming and not worth that.

First of all you dont need anything over 60 mhz as they have mentioned above. So, it’s not clever to buy a Pimax or a Hp Reverb G2. They shoot videos for Q2, filming crews check their videos in Q2, they encode it mostly for Q2, they promote it with Q2. Because it’s the easiest headset to use and the cheapest headset to buy. You should think that as an invesment. I came from cellphone era. Then used oculus go and rift s. I can firmly say that you will never regret.

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If you go with a mobile solution for a headset / HMD, you will probably be relying on internet services for your experience to work.

Oculus devices require a connection to Facebook
DeoVR requires making a connection to SLR for interactive functionality

If you want to have a solution that doesn’t require an internet connection to work, then you will probably need a headset “with cables and stations”. Those solutions seem to target Windows rather than Mac, but I hear the original Vive is a solid device for Mac.

If there are mobile VR headsets that don’t require internet for funscripts or VR, I’d love to hear about them!

Are DeoVR and SLR the only mobile options that work with funscripts?

There is also Whirlgig and Scriptplayer combo but you have to be connected to PC to use Scriptplayer (you can use Virtual Desktop as well). It’s the only solution that don’t require internet connection afaik.

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One benefit to 90hz, you can speed up the video and it will look even smoother.

Okay this has convinced me to get the Q2!

Does this work well with the Kiiroo KEON?

Thanks for your help!

Yes Quest 2 and Keon can connect direct with best playback here → How To Connect Your Sex Toys directly to Quest 2 with DEOVR/SLR app (No need for any additional device!)

hp reverb g2 runs for about 600 or pimax 5k 800 or 8kx 1200…in my opinion the quest 2 is trash…storage is way too small and its quality is not that great compared to the others that i listed…most people will tell u the quest 2 because its cheap and wireless but honestly u get what u pay for

NOTHING tops pimax when it comes to vr porn lol…the only true VR headset that has native 4k

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the quest 2 has shit for resolution lol…but like i said u get what u pay for lol…nothing wrong with wires unless your playing a game and raving around like a maniac lol

Yeah honestly that huge FOV alone is something else that no other headsets have gotten close to still

I havent tried the Quest 2, but not needing a higher powered PC is big deal for many I think

All depends on budget and current PC power though for sure - but really great that Pimax can operate without basestations

Im hesitant on Pimax’s 8KX refresh rate though - has it been bumped up properly to 90 hz yet? or is 75hz really not that bad for VR porn?

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