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How To Connect Your Sex Toys directly to Quest 2 with DEOVR/SLR app (No need for any additional device!)

You can now install the SLR Interactive app directly on to your Quest 2 VR headset and connect your toy to it!

– No more need for a separate proxy Android/iOS device!

(Disclaimer: This method has been confirmed to work, SLR is not responsible for any damages or lost data as this method is not officially supported by SLR)


  1. Ensure the latest Quest 2 firmware is installed on your headset.
    Open the Quest 2 headset settings and go to About.
    Here it will tell you if there is an update available.
    Download, install and restart your device if necessary.

  2. Install the SLR app on to your Quest 2 VR headset here.
    Download at VR Porn App | SLR Virtual Reality Porn App | SexLikeReal
    Alternatively Install DEOVR by searching for DEOVR in the Oculus App Store on your Quest 2 headset, not the internet browser.

  3. Download and install Sidequest.
    Follow the instructions to enable dev-mode:
    SideQuest: Early Access Virtual Reality

  4. Install SLR Interactive on your Quest 2 VR headset with Sidequest.
    Download the latest SLR Interactive APK file here:
    Disclaimer; The above site is reputable and so far proven to be safe - but always run with virus scanner or to be safe!

  5. Start the SLR Interactive app first!
    Activate Bluetooth when prompted to.
    Log in with your SLR account credentials.
    Connect your supported Bluetooth toy.
    Do not close or quit the app!

  6. Start the SLR/DEOVR VR app on your Quest 2.
    Go to in the SLR/DEOVR app
    Log in with your SLR account credentials.

  7. Go to the settings > Interactive – Toggle ON ‘connect to slr Interactive’ .

    In bottom left corner of the main screen SLR Interactive should now show enabled with a green light.

For ONYX+ Users - You will first need to pair your Onyx+ to your Quest Headset to get it to work


Nice, I just ordered a quest yesterday. SLR interactive crashes on my phone so I will try this out tomorrow.

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How did it work for you?

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I had to pair the Onyx+ with my quest to get it to work which wasn’t in the instructions, but other than that it works perfectly fine.

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Thanks for the tip @Rukker ! - added to the guide :+1:

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Is there any method to connect handy via bluetooth on Deovr ? I can easily do it on scriptplayer. This wifi connection method is not sufficent most of the times. I have lots of disconnection problem with that but it works on bluetooth flawless. So, if you make it happen it’ll be great.