What's The Best Way To Make Video Preview?

What kind of preview do you put in your Scripts posts, and what do people prefer?

Just a few example down below:

:framed_picture: Preview

Static Frame

Thumbnail Grid



GIF Recording


WebM Recording

Official Cover Picture



I can only say that I don’t really want a script for that scene… :wink:

Well, I usually use gif with 10 to 12 sequences using scriptplayer (Generate\Preview GIF). For VR, I feel like it gives a good idea of the different positions in the scene.

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I do a 5sec gifs, mainly because h animations are repeating frames, anything longer feels repetitive.

i’m sure there’s a more efficient way to do it but my process is:

  • OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) to record OFS (Open Funscripter) as a window

  • while recording, i click through the timeline to get 2-3 second clips of highlights, then end the recording.

  • open ezgif.com, upload the video file, crop, trim, and resize until its under 8MB

  • upload to eroscripts post

a bit convoluted and sometimes messy, but i’ve found it attracts the eye more than a static image.

Y_D :dragon:


ScreenToGif directly records into GIF, and comes with a gif editor. You could try that out!


tbh i used to just open the script in scriptplayer and play with the settings so that I can export a mini comp gif of the video

As of now official pics and cropped gifs (very time consuming for vr :face_exhaling:)

Btw i don’t think people care at all about script presentation :man_shrugging:

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Webstorage costs a lot of money and sometimes traffic too (depends on the hoster). That’s why I only use screenshots and not gifs or webm.

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