Whats the optimal min Command Delay for the Kiiroo Keon in Scriptplayer?

Does anyone know the best “min command delay” setting for the Keon in Scriptplayer ? The base value is 166ms but that was based on the Launch. I tried 10ms because Realcumber said in some post 2 years ago that it works with the Keon. But i noticed the faster strokes didnt work and cut off half way. Also I heard that the Keon is faster than the Launch so i would guess you can have it lower than 166ms.

Im guessing this setting decides about how close 2 Keyframes can be to each other. I think that because Husky once said to aim for a distance of at least 166ms in OFS. So i guess having this setting lower would make it possible to play Scripts with faster Movement. But too low and the Strokes wont play correctly as i have figured out.

I guess there is also the factor of whether you would want Vibration or fast Movement and Id guess if its too low you would have movement instead of Vibration, which makes me think its probably best to leave it at 166ms. Feel free to share your experience & knowledge.

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i think either you or realcumber made a typo it should be 100ms not 10, As far as i know it takes the keon 50ms to recieve and process the date that tells it to go in which direction for x length and at x speed, and then 50ms to start executing it. (thats why the handy can do it in 50ms it has the script preloaded it knows where to go in advance so it saves 50ms on that part).
But if your going in the same direction but want to change speed halfway its safer on the keon to have them 200ms apart. (as you will notice a small delay.
As far as i know both the launch and keon could do 400mm a second.

And true it all depends what you want if you want vibrations or jerky motions forget the minimum distance.

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interesting, ill keep that in mind for my next script. okay so if the keon is the same as the launch i guess its best to leave it as default with 166ms.

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