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I’ve had such an eye opening experience with the Handy, that I’ve decided to expand my horizons. I doubt I’ll have one that matches the funscript capability, but still, I’m curious on what people look for when picking them up.

I bought the Lovense Solace, and it may as well collect dust with how much better the Handy is.I don’t wanna make the same mistake with a fucking machine.

The only toys i found to be “better” then the handy are the 3 tempest machines "SR1 / OSR2+ / SR6 however they all come with the cost of upkeep/maintenance and using them in general is cumbersome compared to the handy that’s pretty much plug and play along with 80-90% of all scripts being made for it in mind.

My understanding of SSR1, OSR2+ and SR6

SSR1 is designed to beat the Handy in all ways and due to how it’s designed and made, it’s all DIY which can be an doubled edged sword since you gotta source the parts yourself if you don’t find someone to pre-build it for you. (even then if something breaks, you gotta fix/replace it) Other downside is that it’s still in beta design state at most I believe so it could become better in the future with speeds it can reach and cost reductions while making the build itself smaller.

OSR2+/SR6 are the next steps up since instead of thing go up and down…it can go in a few more directions with the SR6 having the most directions available for scripting to. Their downsides are the same as SSR1 however their designs are complete so aside from better parts coming out over time, you won’t have to worry about a better version/design coming out. However one extra downside they have is the fact that they can move in more than one direction since well…you need then a funscript for each direction and that makes it harder to have them all work together in sync and so time is needed on a greater scale to do so.
There is an option with MultiFun Player that makes those other directions move at random but due to it not being in sync with the movements of the directions if not restricted in some way, injury could occur especially if you haven’t setup their movement limitations correctly.

All of these do come with an increase in cost soo yeah…

My personal experience with SR6 from having an Handy

When the SR6 works, it’s very much worth it as an upgrade from the Handy with the Twist axis/direction of movement being the biggest change that made it worthwhile for me. That said adding more directions of movement haven’t been for everyone as people have had remorse and then sold theirs (same for OSR2+)
I’ve also rarely played scripts with the random movements turned on because there is an difference in how that all works together compared to when I have an full blown multi-axis script. That said I do have it turned on at times for when I have a slow-ish script going as it does then add an extra bit that can work though I don’t turn it on for all directions of movement (I often leave forward/back and left/right off) since some directions need other directions to really make the best of them otherwise they can be just be annoying.
One other big upside of these compared to the Handy is that they have an much better ability in terms of speed. They can easily go faster than the Handy depending on what servo’s are used in their build although the noise they make generally increases. Does mean it’s much easier for lube to dry up and just general friction related injuries can occur if you use too little lube/go too long/use only very fast scripts but as long as your listening to your body a bit and so take breaks you should be fine. (I’ve yet to have an injury from my SR6, close calls though due to slightly off device limits)

Now I have had to do two DIY repairs which one required a servo to be replaced (hardest of the two) and the other was replacing the top arms, both required myself to open up the device fully. Despite that I got them done pretty easily however I have prior experience via taking an IT course with doing computer rebuilds being a part of it that I have continued to do on my personal computer to save money. (Why pay someone else to install an new graphics card or hard drive when you can do it yourself?)

An bit I’m still figuring out is getting it so it is plug in and go as with the Handy since if you do take it fully apart from the mount between sessions then it’s extra work to get it back on again. So the best I’ve found is to just have the SR6 in such a state where I slide it back onto my desk’s edge, tighten it down, plug in cables and well then pull up software and go. Slightly more steps than the Handy but nothing big for a desk setup. I’ve not yet worked out an setup for it where I can be more reclined like laying down as in my view that’s just something I don’t see much difference of having. (Even if you add in VR since I can also do that with my desk setup)

To end off…I would say to anyone that’s wanted extra directions of movement or just the sleeve to twist around, just do something more than up and down then totally go ahead and look at getting an OSR2+/SR6 as well fun fact, you can take the parts from either one to make the other. So if you want more directions of movement than what the OSR2+ provides, don’t sell it just use most of it to make an SR6.
If those extra directions of movement are not for you then avoid these two devices. Same for if you are afraid of doing some DIY repair works and don’t have someone else whom you can trust to do the job and not ask questions. This also kinda goes with having patience since if you can’t deal with a few more steps to set it up and instead want to just sit down and go like the Handy or well your Hands then yeah also not for you.

Hope this helps.

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From a learning perspective, I love the OSR2+ because anyone can build it and you’ll learn a ton in the process. I also love the SSR1 and SR6, as the former is quiet and powerful and the latter is an amazing piece of technology. However, the OSR2 can be built by an absolute noob, you’ll learn a ton in the process, you’ll learn maintenance for the inevitable adjustments that will need to take place down the road, and you can easily expand it to multi-axis (its modular design allows you to add extra servos and turn the OSR2 into the OSR2+ for multi-axis use) once you have the basic design put together.

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Full disclosure, I sell OSR2+s, so please take my perspective with a grain of salt.

I agree with @GarbageMan that the Tempest machines are my favorite. Not only because of their functionality, but also due to their customizability.

Their compatibility with MultiFunPlayer which allows for an incredible amount of customization and tuning from a software perspective. Setting generated multi-axis movement, length and speed limits, etc. allow you to have the toy’s performance match your exact preferences.

From the hardware perspective, they’re equally customizable. They’re compatible with a wide range of sleeves to match your exact needs or fulfill desires to experiment with different products on the market. And lastly, with the OSR2 and SR6, you can customize even further with servo selection. Servo attributes such as speed, torque, and noise are all on the table to customize to your preferences.

For me, additional axis movement is hyper important. Going back to single axis toys feels very “dead” and unrealistic. Even a small amount of generated motion on additional axis makes it feel so much more natural and realistic.

Lastly, between the OSR2 and SR6 - a hotly debated topic - I definitely lean towards the OSR2+. I’ve posted my thoughts before on this here - OSR2 or SR6? - #4 by g90ak

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I only have experience with the Handy and G90’s OSR2, but multi-axis is absolutely worth it!


Hands down the Tempest Robots. For all of the aforementioned reasons.

I have recently reduced the price of Tempests Robots in my shop in case anyone is interested.


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