Where are all the interracial BJ scripts?

This isn’t just a script issue, it’s an ‘in general’ one as well. You just don’t see many non white chicks sucking white dudes off (and more importantly for me, swallowing).

Just personal preference but, if i could subsist off non white chick/white guy, BJ/edging/swallow porn I’d be so happy. Is this anyone else’s experience too? Or am i alone in my strife? Haha


I assume you are referring to 2D and not VR?
In VR the absolute majority of the videos are white dicks, although black/ebony chicks are quite few in between.

However, if VR is in scope and you are looking for pure BJ/HJ videos then have a look at SwallowBay. There are a few there:

and this one, which isn’t tagged as ebony for some reason.