Where are all the Multi Axis VR scripts?

My SR6 broke last year and I’m thinking of getting another one as it was really pretty cool…after returning to this forum to check out all the new Multi-axis content I’m disappointed to see that mult-axis really hasn’t taken off. Is there another place where these scripts are for sale, SLR, patreon?

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Moved to general. The script categories are for posting scripts, not to ask about them.

To my knowledge, EroScripts is the place to find multi-axis content.
I think multi-axis simply has a higher bar to entry while not being super enticing to a lot of people. I personally don’t want more that one axis, it’s not for me and my sitch.
I imagine to a lot of people multi-axis would be a bonus they’d accept if offered but not enough of a difference to warrant the extra investment.
Low consumer base means low demand for extra scripting work and low return on investment for scripters. Granted, there are people who do put in the effort to script more axes mostly because they’re passionate about the community and their craft.

If you’re desperate enough to see more multi-axis scripts, you may need to commission someone to make the production worth it.


Scripting one axis is time consuming as it is when VR videos usually are 30-60 min of action to script. Adding two additional axis to that (or even more) doubles or possibly triple the time (I haven’t scripted multi-axis myself so I extrapolate the time based on how long it takes to script VR in one axis).

The best way of getting more when there aren’t many scripts available is to learn scripting and contribute :slight_smile: That’s why I started scripting years ago. My favorite videos weren’t scripted and it was a bit too costly to have them scripted on commission.


I have come a long way to reach a certain skill in writing multi-axis scripts, I can say that from “0”.
For the last year and a half I have written about 20 multi-axis scripts. Many of them are or soon will be free (I have early access on Patreon).
I started doing this more as a researcher (to figure out what a multi-axis robot should be) and continue to think they are the future. I designed my robot with servos, but gave up - because of the noise.

I’m not actively writing multi-axis scripts now - 1-2 per month, although I’ve made it very easy to write - the time spent on multi-axis is the same as on single-axis. I’ve been doing a lot of work and I’ve been designing a robot on stepper wheels for a month and a half now.

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