Where can I watch and do scripts for the handy on Apple iOS?

The handy feeling is the only place I can possibly use my handy. And even with that I am only able to use the text version of scripts. Not the wave and best files, and lately the new content only shows the wave and best files

Funscript io does not seemed to be formatted with mobile devices. Both v0.9.2 and the v2.0.1 if there is another version of funscript then I would like to know that as well. Because not only they two versions are not formatted to mobile. There’s a high chance the handy doesn’t even work with the site to do the scripts

There are other sites listed on the handy website that have capabilities of using the handy on ios, but it’s either paid to play or the amount of videos they have available aren’t that many. At least to what I’m looking for.

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