Where can these scripts be found?

I recently got a syncbot, and have been looking at the custom scripts that are available for it on the syncbrowser and their discord server. I found a pornhub playlist on the discord server that was part of an event a couple months ago. It says on the posts that the scripts can be downloaded from the playlist, or that the links can be pasted into the syncbrowser to access the premium script, but none of these are available to me. I’ve tried contacting support, but they didn’t answer my question and instead just said I can use the syncplayer to generate a script or request a script be made. Obviously, since the scripts have already been made and were part of a free event, this should not be the case.

Where are these scripts available?


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Hmmm no idea. I dont think those exist. Are you sure those pornhub videos werent simply being reccomended to be used for AI generated syncbot scripts? Currently there only seem to be about half a dozen action-based syncscripts in existence. Whats fantastic for you is that it plays .funscripts of which there are thousands.

Try my Shaiden Rogue scripts on syncbot without rotation enabled. Shits mindblowing, literally