Where is the original post?

hey guys…
so i imported a vid into MEGA from a post AND I CAN’T FIND THE ORIGINAL POST…i think it was posted here…should be
anyway, it is a meana wolf vid entitled SUCCUBUS
any help?

Maybe something from this post?

perhaps…not sure…i’ll have to check them out.
thx @Husky

It was me possibly? https://discuss.eroscripts.com/t/meana-wolf-milked-by-the-succubus/22208 I had made a request and linked the download. Someone said they would work on it but haven’t heard anything in a while.

yup! that’s it! thanks. i guess i downloaded with the expectation that it would be scripted at some point and if it wasn’t then i would script off and on
man, thanks @Griftertrix
i thought i was losing my mind…but i did remember, or thought i had, that someone commented about her vids being too scary

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No problamo @evilpap668. I would gladly compensate anyone who took a swing at this.

lemme take a look at it…it might be one that HAS to be scripted.
maaaannnnnn…you gave me an additional 2 points!!! from 666 to 668! I MUST be doing sumpin right!

I watch with the lights on now.

HEEYYYYY!!! Small steps!! Next, you can move up (down?) to a night light…then, try again with the lights out. :rofl:
Good on ya, buddy. You’ll get there! :+1:

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