Where should people try to request or commission an HMV from scratch?

I came up with an idea for a themed HMV just now, but I lack any editing knowledge so my only option would be to ask for someone else to do it. The thing is, I don’t know where I would do that…
I know this place has script request section, but that’s just for scripts.
Regardless, I’ll share my idea here as well on the off chance someone already takes the bait because hey, more content the better:

I’ve noticed that there is a distinct lack of religious themed HMVs (or PMVs for that matter) despite there being tons of good video sources. So why hasn’t anyone taken those sources and slapped some christian music over it? For example, after a few minutes of searching I already found a christian hardstyle(?!) track “Xonar - Trust” and that goes hard, perfectly pounding piously prostrating priestesses.

Now I certainly have nothing against succubus themed MVs, but it’s time we showed some love to the hol(e)y women as well.

PS: It goes without saying that other religions deserve HMVs too, but you can’t exactly find tons of material for, say, fetishising zoroastrianism…
PPS: I know there is the AutoPMV program, but it’s exactly what it says. Automatic. It’s just not as good as what a real person could make.

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Moved to the Help section. Good luck!

Oh yeah, that does sound like a more fitting category. Thank you!

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