Which device do you recommend? (Handy, etc...)

I’m an interactive VR guy and the bluetooth on my Launch seems on its last legs. The launch was good when it was good but I’m a little dissapointed when looking at the start to finish of the product.

I’m considering the handy but wondering
-Can it connect via bluetooth alone or do you always need to use its handyfeeling app through wifi?
-What are you experiences with sleeve alternatives. What do you think of the Handy’s default sleeve?
-Hands free would be nice. Has anyone accomplished an easy, simple but effective solution?

I’ve also considered something like the Keon but the launch has left me a little doubtful. OSR2 seems like a bit much for me. Do you recommend any other devices or do you like the Handy?


I recently switched to the handy from the launch after my Bluetooth went out. I liked the shape stability of the launch better, it was easier to go hands free with. With the handy I haven’t yet figured out a good easy hands free option, I’m thinking I will as I literally got it just this week. Hands free is a huge deal IMO, it can really make a difference in how real the scene feels, so if I can’t figure out an easy option for the handy I would say it’s not great. That being said, I do think I’ll figure something out and once I do I expect it to be amazing because the stroke length and speed is great. The motor is really powerful and when you are holding it it sort of jerks your hand around, which is distracting. The stock sleeve is nice, I’m enjoying it as much as my fleshlights and it’s sealed on one end so there’s very little mess. The device shaking and its general newness to me is pretty distracting right now so I spend half a session trying to get positioned comfortably which is holding back my enjoyment quite a bit when compared to my launch where I’d just sit down and have a great session every time. I expect the handy will get there once I get my technique down and I’m hopeful it will ultimately be better than the launch because of the increased speed and stroke length options.

I’m not sure about Bluetooth, I just connect it to WiFi and deoVR sends the matching script to the device. I don’t use any handy feeling app, I just have my videos and scripts named the same on my hard drive and deovr sends them over. There’s like a 5-20 second delay for the device to initially receive the script but after that it’s pretty much syncs, if I fast forward it takes a second to resync, nothing major. There’s some on screen messages about sending the script and a confirmation it’s been received so you can just pause until it’s received if you want. The WiFi setup is easy, the handy broadcasts a endpoint, you connect then choose a real WiFi and enter password, now every time you hit the WiFi button the device it just connect to that WiFi. I haven’t had any connection issues, I just turn on the device and hit the WiFi button and it connects within seconds and can receive scripts.


If you use the handy at a desk hands free is very easy

I use a modified version of this method. I modified it using elastic bands and some string so that it’s strong enough to stay in place as the handy goes 100% holding a Tenga Airtech Twist

There are a few other options

Oh and @Glove it’s WiFi only at the moment but the Devs have said that Bluetooth should arrive by the end of the year, there’s a Bluetooth chip in the Handy you buy they just need to write the code.

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Still the launch, dont like the handy very much, its very unstable to handle, and doesnt work well with fleshlights. And i love my fleshlights. and there are other issuses like no bluetooth (in future it will have bluetooth but dont know when)

My launch is still working like the first day, for three years now.

Ther handy has a lot to improve to beat the launch in my opinion… yeah the handy is faster and has longer strokes, but that doesnt matter to me, im no 20 inch “monster” the stroke lenght of the launch is perfect for me, and i dont like the extreme fast scenes anyway.

So the launch is still the best thing for me, maybe in the near future i will siwtch to the new keon, or if the handy gets some big improvements in handeling the fleshlights and is much mor “stable” to handle i will try this out again. tried the new keon and the handy btw, but send both back, the keon is no actual “better” tool than the launch, the same in my opinion with some improvements that are nice, but not worth it to buy it if the launch is doing still his job.

And the osr is not available in my country… but dont know if i can build this thing together anyway…

i have posted a 3d printed adaptor that will take fleshlights on a std handy strap.
had a launch for a year nd 5 days and then it stopped communicating, handy knocks the spots off it , i have also developed a handsfree solution thats posted her somewhere.
get a handy and you will never regret it

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Hands down the OSR 2 it the absolute best experience !

But heavy noise no?

It all depends on the quality of servos you are using.
With headphones I can’t hear anything and the experience is mind blowing

Never tried the Launch, but I really love my Handy. Very easy to make it handsfree… There is a lot of suggestions over at the reddit page, but I think most of them are over complicated. I just did like this guy: https://www.reddit.com/r/theHandy/comments/hic8c3/a_mount_for_the_handy_toy. Use two zip ties and a plank, with a length so it reaches the floor. Then you can sit, lay down with your feet on a table, or even lay on you side in the bed. Perfect!

@Inventiv3919 @Nfinite
I found someone who printed the 3d printed desk mount for me. Quite well designed. And soon the official handy company will design and relrease their handsfree solution.

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Waht is your version? :smiley:
Detail please :).
I guess you have the premium motor?

There is new product 0.0. But not yet the handfree:slight_smile:

I’d love to see the 3D printed desk mount. Can you point me in some direction?


Got it. Thanks @scriptuser. I’ll stick with the vice/clamp I purchased a couple of weeks ago.

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@rabid_fiend would you feel comfortable maybe sharing a photo of your hands-free solution / setup ?

I just ordered a VESA mount that i will attach my 3d printed mount to.

OSR2+ is the best! Having roll and pitch is another level.