Which one is it: VR or Flat?

Hi everyone! From the feed here, I see a good mixture of scripts for VR and flat 2D videos, can’t say it’s a 50-50, but at least 40-60 in my experience. So which is more popular in the community at the moment?

Help me here:

  • I mostly watch VR videos with scripts
  • I mostly watch flat videos with scripts

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You forgot the " I watch flat videos on VR in theater mode" :face_with_peeking_eye:


Interesting…Is it specific type of videos that is not presented in VR? Or you just enjoy it that way?

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I believe it’s just the sheer variety of content for flat that is enticing, VR is great but most people who get introduced to adult entertainment do so from flat content, most amateur / Onlyfans etc models do not produce VR content and fans of them still would enjoy a scripted experience I’m sure.

Also fictional content (2d / 3D animation etc…) which is (basically) non-existent in VR.
(One of the most popular cam girls currently is literally a 3D model called „Project Melody“ )

Theres just a lot of things that ether can’t be, or haven’t been conveyed yet in VR, and also I can see a sizable demographic of people who don’t have a VR rig but still bought a stroker.


I can’t speak for others but for myself I enjoy watching older 2D scenes in VR / Theater mode. There’s an entire lifetime of models who retired before VR became a thing and with the advent of AI based upscaling on the consumer level, those scenes can be made to really pop in VR. Add a good script in there and you got yourself a stew going.

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Dock is right on with the Onlyfans thing. OF content is super popular, easily 70% of the stuff I’m requested to script from a commission standpoint comes from OF/Fansley/ManyVids.

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I suppose it has a more personal vibe to it

Are there no OnlyFans creators catering to VR?

Seems like a missed opportunity

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Either way I think 2D content that has commercial scripts could potentially do very well, it significantly lowers the financial entry barrier for most consumers (no VR rig necessary so when they go for conventional strokers they’re only investing $200 as opposed to over $1k), whereas people with a VR rig tend to use both (theatre mode)

Another potential barrier for people looking purely for VR content would be that not only do they need to have the rig in the first place, they also need to be in a living situation where putting on a helmet that blocks your vision doesn’t result in their wife and children seeing them getting it on haha, if it’s just a stroker it is a bit more possible to be secretive about it if you don’t live alone (which I’m -sure- a lot of potential consumers are not)

Lots to think about…

the only reason flat porn is still popular is because those people dont have a vr headset.

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Both… I prefer VR, but there are some amazing scenes/stars out there in 2D. I care more about the content than the format.

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Also fictional content (2d / 3D animation etc…) which is (basically) non-existent in VR.

There’s a fuckload of 3D CGI being made into VR. It’s pretty easy to convert a project in Blender from 2D to VR. It’s just a matter of a few clicks (~5 iirc, and moving the camera if you want POV specifically). Would you like links to VR conversion projects?

The same Projekt Melody that has a VR game being made by HentaiVR?

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I would like those links, maybe I’ll find some time to alter and script some 3D animations haha

And yea, the very same, I think it’d be a huge step into the vr scene for most consumers if people like melody could partner up with vr sites (hopefully slr first lmao)

Most watch 2D / Flat because i cant be arsed most of the time to setup the VR headset, i should really invest in a wireless one or something :joy:

I’m actually working on converting all of my collection of 2D videos to side by side 3D videos. When viewed you get that depth feel like it’s almost VR. You can’t look around, but what’s right in front of you looks like it’s right there usually.

I just finished doing most of my collection and will be sharing that soon.


No problem.
HentaiVR - SLR - VRporn
Darkdreams - VRporn
These are the main two. They produce massive amounts of content many with scripts. Darkdreams in particular focuses on conversions rather than creations so you can find a huge list of creators there. @Jiroe has created a great number of scripts for their other videos and several creators hosted on VRporn.com.

Unfortunately, VRporn.com has delisted a huge number of independent creators. Their videos are still there, just much harder to find. What’s not delisted can be found here. I know MetsSFM and Tiaz-3DX have done a few conversions of their own.

Vega is up and coming.
AniAniBoy Really likes Aunt Cass.
RapidBananaCannon makes quite a bit.
Unfortunately, HentaiHermit has not only quit but also deleted his entire archive.
SphereWorld is just getting started.
anielSzal only has three videos released but makes insanely high quality material including multi-axis scripts hard coded to the motion of the model in engine.
ArawAraw makes a VR video once in a blue moon.

Really just check the supporter pages of pretty much any of your favorite animators and they’ll probably have a few VR videos. Otherwise you may find their videos converted by Darkdreams.

I’ve scripted a lot of these videos myself as well since they’re typically very simple.

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Which headset do you use now, if I might ask?

TBH, it is quite an investment if you would be using it for porn only. Quest 2 is like 400$, I would not have probably bought one if I was not intending on playing video games with it etc. And I assume not all VR porn lovers are video games lovers :sweat_smile:

Everyone talking about expensive VR setups and I’m here using my old Samsung Gear VR with my smartphone and ivry driver to connect to steamVR

How do you find it quality wise?

You can definitely see individual pixels being split into RGB, but high quality videos work alright as you stop noticing after a while. (Samsung S20)

I’d say it’s better than nothing and good bang for the buck

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