While scripting: What are the impacts of setting 2 keypoints at the same length closely to one another?

Question in the title basically sums it up. Let’s say that I have 2 keypoints at value 20 and they are fairly close to each other. Does this cause the stroker to stutter while reading the script? I’m asking because this is what I’m currently experiencing while testing my script and I’m not sure what causes it. Could also be that the speed is too high and the device is automatically slowing itself down. I’m not sure though…

There are two limits to any given device’s performance. One is the movement speed, which determines whether or not it can physically move from point A to point B in the time allotted. The other is command speed, which determines whether or not it can keep up with movement commands, regardless of whether or not it can physically keep up with those commands.

For something connected via BLE, command rate is quite limited, and even if two commands in close sequence don’t require a lot of movement, sending those “extra” commands might cause a more impactful command to be missed. That could manifest as some kind of stutter.

For the Handy with pre-cached scripts, that’s probably not a real issue. For an OSR2/SR6, there are no issues at all - they support an extremely high command rate over USB.

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Okay, that’s good to know. I think my problem is the close proximity then, because I have some sequences later in the video that are quite fast and the device is able to knock them out perfectly. Back to polishing then…

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