Whirligig no sound?

I might just have missed some setting but no matter the player i use in Whirligig i just can’t seem to get sound out of any source on my pc. I’ve tried differing videos as well but no sound what so ever… I use the original Oculus Rift.

I have the same headset I occasionally use with whirligig and I think (it’s been a while) that I usually have to go into the windows sound settings and manually switch the default output over to the rift before (re)starting whirligig to get sound in whirligig, even though the oculus home interface usually manages to have sound without going that far. (And then often have a moment where I wonder why the speakers have stopped working later on because i’ve forgotten to switch it back!)

I use external headphoes with my rift, as i dislike the ones that come with it but at this point i’ve changed defaults to all the different audio devices…

There are settings in the app for which sound device to use when in VR mode. This will typically be the sound device on the graphics card, but there are also options to mirror the audio to the normal sound device. Have a look in the settings to find these options.

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