Whirligig Stopped Connecting

I’ve been successfully using script player without any issues for months now. I use an Oculus Quest but I also using the link to access the Rift content. That’s the only place I can find Whirligig. I’ve been following the guide, and suddenly, it stopped connecting. I haven’t changed a thing. I’ve tried looking at the settings, on both Whirligig and ScriptPlayer, but I can’t get it to connect no matter what I try. I’ve also tried connecting to DEOvr, and that won’t connect either. I tried to open a local file using DEO, but I can’t get the interactive to turn on because I’m not a subscriber. Even if I was, when I set the scriptplayer to use DEO, that won’t connect either. I’ve been using the link cable. I should also say I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling, that didn’t work.

Basically, everything was working fine, until nothing would connect anymore.

Are you using a handy? If so go into deovr settings and set the handy password and all that. Deovr direct connects to handy so you dont need scriptplayer to run. If not the handy then I am sorry I cant help you out much, only ever had a launch and it broke 3 weeks in, slower than the second coming of christ too.

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