Who is getting the new Fleshlight?

Really not sure about the rings, but I like they brought the mouth back.

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It’s tempting, but I’d like to see some review first.

I am curious if it’ll work well with The Handy (obviously with a different strap/adapter). I’ve always found that tighter sleeves (at least the super tight ones I’ve tried) just don’t work that well with The Handy since it requires more force to be pushed down so it just ends up stopping mid stroke.

It probably won’t be an issue since it’s a larger toy and the ones I had issues with were pretty small, cheap sleeves.

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Just ordered the mouth boost, I’ll post a review in a couple weeks. :+1:


I have been curious about this one too for the same reasons listed above. Also weird how there are still no reviews yet which makes me curious about shipping time. I love how I randomly decided to see if there was anything new a couple weeks ago and there still aren’t any reviews.

I’m curious as to which FL is your favorite to use with the handy. Mine is Christy Mack but I’ve been curious as to if that’s just because its the oldest in my collection or if its just a good one. Anyone have a similar thought?

same, i got myself the BOOST - BLOW (MEDIUM DARK)

Cant wait for it to arrive

Madison Ivy’s Beyond or Emily Willis Squirt

those are my 2 favs but i dont use them on the handy, makes it feel to slow and heavy since i like to use mine with a strong suction which makes it hard on the Handy.

Someday ill swap over to an SR2/6 and fully enjoy the scripts+fleshlights combo

My boost just arrived today, I’ll take it for a test drive tonight if I get a chance.


Mine arrives on monday and i cant wait haha

Well shit, I’m joining the club too haha!

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I want to order the Boost Mouth one, apparently you can put the Fleshlight inside the Kiiroo Keon ,and it fits perfectly with no issue.

I use the Fleshlight go torque. It works pretty good with the handy and doesn’t require any changes to the strap.

I think I’m gonna have to get one… can’t decide between the mouth or the anus :face_exhaling:

Im sure a FL sleeve would fit inside a kirroo case. But the Kiiroo cases are definitely smaller and the FL case wont fit inside a Kiiroo.

Mouth for the BJ battle thats been ongoing. Im waiting till they are on Amazon tho.

The case for Keon is smaller than the Fleshlight sleeve.
People have complained about the sleeve dragging on the inside of the Keon and leaving a sticky residue that is difficult to clean off.

Search this site and you can find plans for 3d printing a ring adapter that snaps on the end of the Keon case. It prevents the sleeve from touching the inside of the Keon.

I took the plans to my local library that has a 3d printer and it cost ~$7 to have them print it for me. Just change the file name and nobody will know what it is for.

Can confirm. I use a fleshlight sleeve in my Keon. It fits fine. Thanks for the tip @ronmexico I thought the sticky residue was lube or semen or something, I was wondering why it was so sticky and hard to clean off! I’m only using my Keon because I accidentally dripped some lube in the micro-usb port of my OSR2 and it’s been intermittently disconnecting. Was trying to use the OSR2 in a horizontal orientation instead of vertical, boy was that a mistake.

a fleshlight is a fleshlight is a fleshlight – minor differences but basically all the same thing. if you want variety you gotta move to onahole