Who is this Asian chick?

Hello swarm knowledge. :wink: Yesterday I discovered a video on one of my external hard drives, the name of which I no longer have. The file is named “4K-01” and “4K-02”. Does anyone know the name of the cute Asian girl and maybe even the video title? I’m considering scripting the video at some point (if no one has done it allready), but I’d like to know the name at least.
The video is originally censored (typical Mosaic), but I apparently tried to uncensor it once (i know that much, because the Folder Name is “Uncesnsored”).
Maybe someone will recognize her:

If the “Help” Topic is the wrong Category, i am sorry. Pls move to right one.

After some digging, you can find the video by looking up “c2.lab scathach”

Having a harder time finding the actress’s name though.

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Thank you. Knowing that name of the Video made it posible to find the Actor. I think its Sakura Sena.


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