Why can't Buttplug / Bluetooth keep up with the Script Speed that the Handy can handle?

I recently wanted to implement bluetooth connection in my private funscript website. The default way is the handy sdk which works like expected, but i noticed that very fast scripts are delayed because bluetooth or buttplug is too slow in sending the commands. Is this a bottleneck of bluetooth or am i doing something wrong?

It is a known thing that bluetooth on the Handy is somewhat limited compared to WiFi uploads.
I have tweaked ScriptPlayer to the limit of what mine can handle.

cause other than bluetooth there is no possiblity to play funscripts without connecting to the handy servers right?

As far as I know, you cannot run your own WiFi service.

How did you tweak it? Lmk too plz

Settings-> Timings → Min Command Delay… Lower should be better, but could cause skipping strokes.

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how much lower should i put it?? mines is at 166ms.
Does this really have something to do with strokes? Thanks

It is about transmission speed, not about strokes. But if information is lost, stokes can be skipped.
I run mine at 1ms, and don’t notice much trouble, as long as bluetooth has good signal.
Though your unit / setup might differ.

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u da best thanks

hm cant find a setting like that for the buttplug sdk sadly or at least the developer docs doesnt mention them.

Haven’t tried using BT on a Handy myself, but back when I used the Launch, I found it made a huge difference how close the BT transceiver was to the device. I used a USB BT adapter on an extension wire that I placed as close to the toy as possible. Might help with the Handy as well.