Why do my scripts in OFS have these "kinks" in them?

Screenshot 2022-10-30 225548

Screenshot 2022-10-30 234750

I am assuming this is something to do with video framerate or something. But I don’t remember seeing this my first few times using OFS. But lately sometimes my points have these kinks in the line and its not smooth and I can confirm the movement not being smooth in actual use. I have a Kiiroo keon if that matters.

This screenshot isn’t the best example its just the one that I just ran into while deciding to make this topic for months. I can move the point left or right and get rid of it but its weird that it happens at all.

It’s probably because you turned on the spline mode
The actual script is a straight line

  • spline mode
  • actual script

Ah! I was hoping it was some setting I did accidentally. Thanks. That was it.

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Yeah but to be clear… its only shown for the lines in OFS, as far as i know and noticed, the keon/launch or whatever doesnt “follow” the shown line in OFS… The actual scripts are only from point to point. They cant follow these curves, and dont do so…

If you want those curves and that the device is following them, you have to set points for that in a curve. That is if i am not wrong about that… i do use OFS to edit scripts where i dont like some passages and such… not making a whole script on my own though. But i noticed these curves and that the launch isnt following them just goes from point to point… and i noticed that you can set up OFS so there arent any “curves” anymore only straight lines… which is the better view i would say, cause this is how the device will follow your script in the end. The curves are not really in the script…

try to use “mouse record” just to try it out and you will see what i mean… there are points all over the plave like this :smiley: and no device can follow that.

Just to reiterate what has already been said.
This is just a rendering/visual thing,

It uses catmull-rom splines which have this overshooting issue which you can see very well in the second image where line would go beyond 100 if that was possible.
I’m starting to think this is a bad default. :face_exhaling:

The .funscript format only knows actions and those actions are the red dots.
That’s the only thing which gets exported and the only thing a funscript player will see.

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It depends on the device.

Keon/Launch: no.

OSR2: It can follow the curved line (more or less since there are multiple algorithms to smooth the movement)

Handy: I think it does, but I’m not sure.

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