Why don't we make a topic where we can raise funds for customized scripts?

As you know, to get a customized funscript scripted for you, you need to pay $0.5-2/min of action. This is a bit expensive if you’re going to buy tons of custom scripts.

Like, for a 60-minute script, I usually need to pay between $40-$100.

Why dont we raise funds together and vote with crypto or money where multiple people donate $3-5 until we reach the $40-100 mark, then have them scripted?

You should join the Script Poolers discord to do exactly that:


There’s only like 260 people inside that group. Why dont we merge this with our realsync’s main discord channel or make a subthread there so that we can get more people to raise funds and participate? @bumdude

Hey @fprasetyo00 - the Script pool discord unfortunately is not a Realsync only or SLR only discord, hence why its a separate discord and wont be merged any time soon

Most guys on SLR / RS that are interested in clicking to join the group are already the guys who have previously commissioned and Im sure are the main guys interested in pitching there already anyways, but of course feel free to let others know about joining if you like

That is completely not true and even mentions of someone from out of the circle are getting taken down immediately.

Please explain to me why the description of script pooling groups say otherwise then:

Thanks for joining the discord @RotiRoh - but looks like you are misunderstanding my message or I should have used a better word - let me clarify

The script pool is a not an ‘exclusively’ Realsync only, or ‘exclusively’ SLR only discord

SLR discord is owned by doublevr
RS discord is owned by evernessince

They cannot be combined into either communities because although we have commercial scripters on either site, they are not the same owners and ultimately both sites are not connected or affiiliated in any way

Hope that makes better sense and clarity?

Guys that script scenes for free for scenes that users have made requests for are simply updated/replaced to make room for others - doesnt make much sense to leave those channels up and take up the space for channels for other requests does it?

The script poolers moreso themselves request the channels to be replaced in those cases, so it frees up room for other requests (which is the main point of the discord - helping fellow commerical scripters fulfill requests that users are interested in - nothing more - you have ES etc for everything else)

You have been in the channel and able to read everything there and so is everyone else so Im not sure why you would say so negatively otherwise


I see… I totally misunderstood that. Thanks for setting my stupid brain back on track and sorry for that.

Thanks @RotiRoh - It’s all good - I re-read my message and I see I could have been more clear as well - sorry for that too, but thanks for your comment man :beers:

Nah, just me being a jerk :beers:

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